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J. Crew & Pinterest

Fashion retailer, J. Crew is taking their fall catalog to the digital catwalk via Pinterest.  While the popular site is no stranger to the fashion industry, it is rare for a design label to utilize the social image platform to promote a new line.  This ‘Sneak Peek‘ allows buyers to pre-order their favorite look before the collection becomes available this Wednesday, August 21.

J. Crew will also be utilizing YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram in a huge social media push as the entire fashion industry gears up for New York City’s Fashion Week starting September 5th.


1 Picture, 1000 ‘Pins’


We’ve all heard that, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but how does that translate to social media?  Image sharing, and now short video sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine have begun to drastically alter how companies design their marketing campaigns.  Major companies whose success is dependent on a ‘look’ are beginning to understand the value of these marketing options, but are only just beginning to explore the potential within.

Where a commercial used to get millions of views during prime-time air-play, more consumers are spending time on social media sites than ever before. And if one well placed image can garner millions of views, likes, shares, and pins, imagine what an entire campaign of images could do.


Get Pinned


Any business owner can tell you how important ‘branding’ is for the success of their business.  As more consumers turn to the internet and social media, advertisers are getting creative about their social marketing campaigns.  Utilizing Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, and other social media outlets may seem a bit overwhelming.

This is where Big Leap comes in. You are the expert at what you do. Your expertise coupled with our experience has the potential to turn one image or video into a gold mine for your local business. Whether you choose to focus on your brand with YouTube or start an ad campaign through Pinterest, we can help you find success in these burgeoning social marketing mediums.


photo credit: lanuiopddatch54, & epicharmus via photopin cc


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director