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Clarify Your Story, Understand Your Brand

How often have you stumbled upon the website of an unfamiliar company and after a few minutes of searching, you still have no idea what the company does or how they can help you? This is not a situation you want to be in as a consumer or as a business. Fortunately, a few simple […]

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What to Do if Competitors Are Outpacing You Online

What to Do If Competitors Are Outpacing You Online

No one likes to see their competitor rank higher in search results or take their product video viral on social media. It just isn’t a good feeling. However, there are strategies and opportunities that can help you outshine, outclass, and outpace your competitor on your way to winning the hearts of your customers. Allow Your […]

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Content Ideation

Content Ideation: How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas Backed By Real Data

The difference between creating good content and great content is that little extra “oomph.” OK, that’s not how the saying goes, but you know what I mean. Viral blogs and videos don’t just happen by sitting down and writing what you think will work. There’s a lot of research that goes into each piece. Below […]

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3 Digital Marketing Lessons for PR

As much as some try to put digital marketing and PR into the same category, they’re not quite the same thing. They are two separate strategies often serve the same goal: to increase brand awareness and thereby increase the bottom line. I graduated with a degree in public relations, but found the digital marketing industry exciting and […]

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PPC 101: Ad Extensions

When we first take on a new client, we are often asked to perform an audit of their Adwords account. One of the first things that I look at when performing an audit is ad extensions. It may not take a lot of time, but it can really enhance your ads. Their presence alone can […]

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What is Reddit and How Can I Use it for SEO?

Before posting and commenting on Reddit, you need to know your way around. This is key to getting “upvotes” and becoming a great resource to the community. Here are a few things to know about Reddit that will help you get started: Upvotes/Downvotes: Reddit works completely off of a voting system. If someone likes your […]

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Why Forming the Perfect Pitch Doesn’t Matter

Have you ever wondered if anyone has come up with the perfect pitch for getting content placed on high-quality blogs? Do you ever wish someone would just give it to you? I have. I’ve scoured the web looking for the perfect pitch, only to end up piecing together my own ideas—after days, weeks, months, and years […]

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