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We’ve all seen those Facebook pages that go on and on about how their brand is the best, why you need it, and has a million “product spotlight”cartoon posts right? Sometimes we may glance at them because we are truly interested in their product but generally we roll our eyes and move on to socialize with our friends.

Do NOT want to be one of those brands. We cannot let ourselves forget why an individual is on Facebook (ahem… to be social!).  A study done by Ashwini Nadkarni and Stefan G. Hofmann from Boston University found that “people use Facebook to fulfill two basic social needs: the need to belong and the need for self-presentation.” So while you’re managing or creating your brand’s Facebook page, be sure to keep in mind how to fulfill those needs.  But just to help you out with the process here are a few tips for keeping your brand social on social media.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to get fans to engage in your page.  Ask an intriguing question and a variety of questions.  Ask them what they would prefer between two options, what their favorite song is, what they think of a certain picture (even ask them to caption the photo for you), you could even ask them to solve a riddle or tell you what movie a certain quote is from.  There’s nothing like “testing” an individual’s knowledge of a subject. Have you ever experienced seeing a question on Facebook that you know the answer to 100% and you just HAVE to answer it to prove it to yourself (and others)? I know I have, it’s like a black hole feeling, it sucks you in and you can’t get out, you must answer that question before scrolling on. That is the feeling you want to create when you ask your fans a question.  Also, try to keep your questions related to your brand in at least one way or the other.

Give Shout-outsWill Smith

Nothing fulfills an individual’s “need for self-presentation” like seeing a brand appreciate and post their content. If you find anything that a fan has posted that involves your brand POST IT!  Especially if you did not encourage them to share it, that means they went out of their way to mention your brand and already have that level of interest.  Capitalize on that initial interest by mentioning them on your page.

Shout-outs may be difficult if your brand is smaller and not as well known.  But you can still get this kind of interaction going by having contents or creating a unique/fun #hashtag. It may take time to get the involvement desired but keep at it and try new things if you really feel it isn’t working.


Ever asked a company a relevant and important question and received no response? Offended, you end up mad, unlike the page, dis on everything they do, discourage friends from using that brand, and run and get involved with their competitor as an attempt to take them down in any way you can, right?  Well not necessarily, but it could happen! Every person’s response to no response will vary but what I’m trying to get at is respond to your fans.  And not just to avoid the potential negatives of not responding but to encourage that engagement and satisfy their “need to belong”.

Whether they ask a question, give a funny comment, or an inspiring thought… Respond. Answer that question, come up with a witty response to their funny comment, or even just like their thought/comment.  Whatever it is an individual appreciates that interaction, even if they only think “oh cool, they responded” and no further action is taken.  You have left them with a good feeling towards your brand… Always leave your Facebook fans with a feeling of satisfaction.

So next time you’re working on your brand’s Facebook page, check the notifications, see who has mentioned you, commented, or liked something you did.  Build these relationships and foster people’s needs to belong and have self-presentation. Be social on your brand’s social media.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director