Everything in our lives is automated. We have apps that count our steps, clean our floors, and open our window blinds at sunrise. So why shouldn’t your digital marketing campaign get the same treatment? Sure, you can nurture leads and send out personalized messages without marketing automation, but will it reel in the results you need to feed your bottom line?  

It’s crucial to step back and check in with your inbound marketing efforts to determine whether you’re on the right track or in need of an upgrade. Big Leap, a Hubspot Gold Partner, has got you covered with six signs your business needs marketing automation

Learn more about marketing automation and how it can help your business:

1. You’re Pulling Your Hair over Manual Processes

How much time are you spending nurturing your leads versus copying and pasting email messages? If you’re finding that you’re investing most of your business hours on the latter along with other manual/administrative tasks, you’ve got to get automating. Toiling away at these activities not only creates unnecessary and repetitive work, but it also increases the likelihood of human error. 

Consistency and accuracy are key in boosting the credibility of your brand and garnering connections with customers. Don’t let manual processes get in the way of your business’ productivity and, more importantly, your customer experience. After all, doesn’t it seem pretty alien to do so in such a tech-savvy culture?

2. You’re Experiencing Slow Sales Response Times

In a survey conducted by Drift, it was found that 90 percent of businesses didn’t respond to their leads within five minutes. Manual processes along with a lack of cooperation between marketing and sales teams can build major delays in your lead response times. 

Overlooking the need for speed with your sales enablement can bring you costly results. 

For example, your chances of qualifying a lead are 100 times lower if you connect them within the first 30 minutes after initial contact, versus the first five minutes. 

3. You Aren’t Generating Enough Leads

Struggling to meet your quarterly revenue goals? Take a look at your leads. Are you generating enough? More importantly, are you generating enough quality leads? 

If your numbers are looking slim, review the following questions with your team. These can help identify exactly where your pain points are coming from: 

  • Are you sending out personal messages that are relevant to your audience? Do they connect with them in an authentic way? Seventy percent of companies expressed that the greatest benefit of automation is having higher quality customer communication. 
  • Have you and your sales team agreed on a target persona? 
  • How often are you sending out messages to your target audience? 

4. You Aren’t Tracking Data

Don’t know what your call-to-action (CTA) conversion rate is? Or how many clicks and leads you’re generating with a specific email? Sounds like you’re not tracking data. 

Without having direct access to and actively monitoring your marketing KPIs, your team can’t make data-driven decisions—one of the most important marketing objectives for 51 percent of marketers. You’re simply relying on a hit-and-miss strategy.

5. Your Data Is a Mess 

Okay our bad, maybe you are tracking data. But how’s the quality looking? Check up on it, and if they mirror what’s listed below, then it’s time to look into some marketing automation software. 

  • The quality of your data is poor. How can you tell? You’re producing inconsistent and/or erroneous data. Thirty-two percent of U.S. companies believe their data is inaccurate, which leads to a drop in 23 percent of their revenue. 
  • The wrong leads are handed off to your sales team. Is your sales team noticing that they’re given folks who have unsubscribed? Or they’re being given those who don’t fall into a specific category (e.g. people who are in the awareness stage versus those in the conversion stage of the sales funnel) they’re responsible for nurturing? 

6. Your Email Lists Aren’t Segmented

Say you’re managing a clothing company. Do you know the geographic areas your leads are based in? Do you know what kinds of clothing they’ve been purchasing lately (pants, shorts, blouses, etc.)? Do you know their gender and/or age? If you’re scratching your head, then it’s likely that your email lists aren’t segmented. 

The purpose of marketing automation is to connect with more people on a more personal level. No matter how rapidly technology expands, human connection is the key ingredient in sustaining your business. So if you don’t know what your email contacts’ interests are, then how do you know what kinds of messages to send them? It’s all about staying on top of the buyer’s journey.

Take Control of Your Campaign with the Right People

We all need an upgrade now and then. When it comes to inbound marketing, not only is it vital to stay on top of the latest business trends, but it’s also essential to find a trustworthy team who can help you identify areas of improvement along the way. Big Leap can be that team. 

Built on trust and quality relationships, we’ll help you establish a personalized campaign to help you win lasting results. Reach out to us to discover how we can mend your pain points with marketing automation

Janet Lee