It is hard to retain a competitive edge over other companies in your industry.  New and innovative ideas that have proven to be successful are quickly taken and modified by others trying to retain or steal customers from the other company.

Twitter has announced that they are starting a web analytics service.  Twitter has always been used as a marketing tool because it is believed to be a great way to reach potential and current customers.  This service now allows companies to know how much traffic Twitter is actually driving to their website.  The tool will let the company know if money and effort spent on Twitter is worth the traffic that they are receiving. 

Twitter web analytics is similar to the Google analytics tool.   Google has had great success with that tool which lead to a lot of revenue.  Twitter is following their lead and trying to achieve the same success that Google has enjoyed.

Another company that is copying something that Google has done is Facebook.  They have announced that they will now let users create smart lists that separate your friends.  This is similar to Circles that Google has implemented with their service Google+.

Google is the one that copied Facebook’s success and created Google+.  Ultimately, companies need to always improve and cannot remain stagnant to be successful, especially in the social media marketing industry.

Companies not only compete to have the best quality, but also to have the lowest costs for their services.  For free services, the costs to you may be the big, irritating ads that you see.  With this competition the ultimate winners are the users.  Users can get the best quality available at the lowest costs.

Scott Sundblom