We are all trying to make a name for ourselves on the web, and those who have been at this practice longer than others know how difficult this process can be.

Unless, of course, you strike it lucky and go viral.

However, realistically, the likelihood of unintentionally creating a video that goes viral is slim to nil. But, if you have the right know-how, and the right social media marketing services, you can greatly boost your chances.

Here are some affordable tips to creating a viral video:

– Make it humorous.
– Make it connect to something people are interested in.
– Keep your content current.
– Keep it short.
– Use reality.
– Think about making it controversial (this one can backfire).

– Make it cheesy.
– Try to blatantly promote something.
– Make it too professional.

You know you’ve gone viral when you’re video has begun to be copied by others. In fact, sometimes you can go viral by copying someone else’s video. It seems like a sort of “hen before the egg” conundrum I know, but it happens.

One of my favorite youtube videos, which I recently happened to find while blogging at Leadgenix, is actually a copy of the famous “Dave After Dentist” youtube phenomenon. It is called “Keyboard Cat After Dentist” and to finish this posting off I have left it for your viewing pleasure…