The Project

Mid-2014 BJ Minson and Winslow Burton started a minimalist belt company by launching a Kickstarter campaign with a modest campaign goal of $7,500. The minimalist inspired product featured aerospace grade aluminum belt buckles and military-spec nylon strap and was a big hit closing in at over $106K of funding.

In late 2015 Grip6 opted to run a second Kickstarter campaign to launch a new and improved carbon fiber buckle. With two successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt the founders of Grip6 we’re looking to take their company from “Kickstarter startup” to “established apparel brand.”

Grip6 enlisted Big Leap’s experts to help grow their business. Initially the campaign started with our organic search services, but quickly grew into a larger campaign where we assisted Grip6 with content marketing, social media management, with a little bit of conversion rate optimization to support their growing e-commerce site.

The Strategy

To drive customers to Grip6’s website we started with an on-site or technical SEO audit. We made improvements to the site’s title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, site content, site speed, 404 errors, and more.

Once the site had a solid technical foundation we moved on to link building. We engaged in outreach campaigns to find opportunities to tell Grip6’s brand story. These efforts earned Grip6 coverage on high authority sites both locally and nationally such as and

Content creation also played a significant role in the Grip6’s  growth. To reach Grip6’s audience we focused on creating engaging content and sharing it in places we knew their target customers were spending time online. The content included gift guides, interactive content, social media contests, and social media giveaways.

"Working with Big Leap has honestly been amazing! They treat us like their favorite client and I'm sure that's how they treat everyone. They are a huge asset to Grip6! They have helped our business grow a ton! They are extremely pro-active. They get stuff done, and actually care about the progress of our business."
Winslow Burton
Grip6 Co-Founder

The Results

In only six short months Grip6 has seen some fantastic improvements in search rankings, revenue generated from organic search, brand engagement, as well as partnerships for their business as they explore new relationships initiated by Big Leap. In Grip6’s first six months with Big Leap they improved by almost 3,000 positions in Google search results and went from tracking 7 keywords on page one of Google to 28!

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