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Digital Marketing Case Study for Florida Notary Association

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Project Overview

Average Monthly Organic ROI
Increase in Organic Traffic
Keywords in the Top 3 Google Map Pack Positions
Website https://flnotary.com/
Industry Notary services
Value Provided Boost in organic ROI
Project Overview

Even if you’re unable to set aside a large online marketing budget, this doesn’t mean your SEO campaign won’t perform successfully nationally and locally. In fact, with the right team and strategies, you might just earn an average monthly organic ROI of 795.87%.

This has been the case for Florida Notary Association. 

Florida Notary Association was struggling to gain online traction and boost their sales. Through a referral, the business connected with Big Leap in 2019. Upon successful discussions with our sales team, Florida Notary Association officially became a part of our tribe and began what soon would turn into a 4+ year relationship. 

And that’s not even all of it. Keep reading to learn more about how this long-term relationship has produced lucrative results.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Upon discussing Florida Notary Association’s objectives, our strategists worked on building a full-funnel campaign to increase their online visibility (from a local and national level), conversions, and revenue. 

Leveraging Content to Drive Value

FAQ Content

We first needed to lay the right groundwork—quality content. The Big Leap team focused on creating FAQ content. This would help our client: 

  • Build their online footprint for optimal visibility
  • Acquire featured snippets
  • Provide their audience (prospective and current licensed notaries) with valuable information

Enhancing Priority Pages

Increasing notary renewal applications was a top priority for this client. So we worked on optimizing their renewal and application site pages. This involved comprehensive site audits to identify opportunities and gaps. These data-based adjustments would help Florida Notary earn qualified leads and bolster their online authority.

Elevating Local Presence

Since our client services people in Florida, we focused on bolstering the performance of Florida Notary Association’s Google Business Profile (GBP). This would enable our client to be found for local search results and truly hone in on their local audience.

We optimized their profile to help the client’s business stay relevant in their space and visible to current and prospective notaries in Florida.

Transparent and Collaborative Partnership

The partnership we built with Florida Notary Association ultimately served as the thread that seamed the strategies above together. 

From the beginning, the Florida Notary Association team has been very clear on what they want and receptive to ideas and feedback. This has made it easy for us to research and strategize plans that are aligned with their vision. 

More importantly, it opened the avenue for innovation and growth. As we continue to evaluate data and conduct optimizations over time, Florida Notary Association is with us every step of the way.

I am happy that BL is consistently monitoring the health of my site. Even though security is not in BL’s wheelhouse, I appreciate a few issues were brought to my attention so that I could take steps to tighten up the site accordingly. BL’s suggestions were really helpful and appreciated!  My account managers have always been willing to help make improvements – even when it’s not specifically in their job description –  which makes me feel like they truly want to do what is necessary to make us the most successful company that we can be!
Janice C. Gullikson
President, Florida Notary Association


The Results

Every strategy we’ve executed throughout our 4+ year partnership contributed to the growth and success of our client’s online campaign. Given Google’s ever-changing landscape, we continue to ensure Florida Notary Association’s digital marketing approach is relevant and resilient to those shifts. 

We are continuing to optimize their local SEO and content efforts today and have enjoyed seeing our client’s digital presence and bottom line grow. 

Here are the highlights: 

  • From the start of our relationship with Florida Notary Association, organic traffic has increased by 192%.
  • The average monthly organic ROI over the past 6 months has been 795.87%.
  • For the past 6 months, we’ve ranked in the top 3 positions for 35 highly relevant, non-branded keywords that total over 25k searches per month.
Change in Google rankings from January 2020 through July 2023.
Drive Authenticity and Trust with Big Leap

While it might be a crowded world in the digital landscape, with persistence, collaboration, and time, achieving your online goals won’t feel so far away. 

If you’d like assistance with elevating your online presence on a local and/or national level or deciphering how to strategically allocate resources with a given budget, the Big Leap digital marketing team is here to lend a hand. Connect with a team member to get started.

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