Overcoming Limited Ad Campaign Returns

B2B PPC Case Study with Vivo Technologies

Project Overview

Increase in ROI
Increase in Site Users
The Amount of Calls
Website https://vivo.tech/
Industry B2B, conference room A/V solutions
Value Provided Increase in ROI and quality of leads
Project Overview

Elevating your digital marketing mix with PPC sprinkled in can be exciting until you see your ROI. This was the challenge B2B company Vivo Technologies encountered: a promising strategy dampened by underwhelming ROI figures.

As an active citizen in the world of digital marketing, you’re probably no stranger to these sorts of developments and disappointments. Gathering the right resources to give your business its best shot at redemption and growth amid these challenges is important. 

In this case, Big Leap’s dedicated PPC team became a top resource. After hiring us for SEO projects and being impressed by our content initiatives, Vivo chose to expand our partnership, this time to harness our PPC resources. 

Our PPC partnership began in October 2023. Since then, our client went from a negligible ROI with their PPC campaign to achieving a remarkable 238% ROI. 

Discover the strategic adjustments, innovative approaches, and actionable insights that propelled this transformation.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Rather than taking a blanket approach, our team collaborated closely with Vivo to shift and narrow down their target audience. Leaning on this specificity ultimately elevated the quality and quantity of conversions.  

Shift in Audience 

Vivo Technologies has two main audiences: 

  • Business professionals or owners looking to purchase conferencing or A/V equipment. These audience members are frequent visitors to Vivo’s eCommerce product pages. 
  • Businesses that need consultation as they plan to upgrade their conference room setups. These folks reach out to the Vivo teams to receive design, deployment, and support services.

Prior to our PPC partnership, Vivo primarily focused on the broader eCommerce audience. While the business was earning conversions through this funnel, its ROI suffered. 

So, we decided to center more on the consultation audience. This approach allowed our client to cultivate qualified leads prepared to make larger investments compared to individual purchasers. 

Keyword Optimization 

With the new audience focus established, Big Leap’s PPC team worked on optimizing Vivo’s target keywords. 

Not only would this enable our client to attract the consultation audience, but it would also unveil insights into the impact those new keywords were producing. This involved an iteration period of assessing performance metrics and then refining keywords.

Landing Page Design

Understanding that keywords simply scratch the surface when building an impactful user journey, Big Leap leveraged our graphic design team to create a landing page with a clear objective—to guide visitors to submit a form and engage directly with the Vivo team. 

This project ensured the user journey would align with the campaign goal of attracting traffic interested in conference room upgrades.

We were excited to see not just an increase in leads, but also a substantial boost in overall ROI. By targeting a specific B2B audience, we successfully generated leads that resulted in repeat customers, particularly for high-value products.”
Matt Mascarenas
PPC Manager
This was our first Black Friday season with Big Leap managing our account. Our account rep, Stephen, did an amazing job, and we were blown away both by the performance and Big Leap’s management. They were adjusting our account as needed throughout the entire sales period, and with the sales event now being completed, we see a night and day difference between our previous agency’s management of our Google account vs. Big Leap. Highly recommend!
Hannah Crocker
Vice President, Licensing and Marketing at Milk Snob


The Results

At the beginning of our partnership, our client was hopeful but skeptical due to the lack of results they’ve experienced in the past. With the launch of our Google Ads campaign, we’ve seen gradual yet overwhelmingly positive results. 

Increase in ROI: By focusing on a new audience, Vivo earned more consultation requests, increasing its ROI by 238%.

HubSpot Data 238% ROI

Increase in the number of phone calls from paid ads: The Google Ads campaign ended up bringing in more calls from leads than other channels. For example, paid ads generated almost 2 times as many calls as organic efforts.

Call data for Vivo from September 2023 - April 2024

Overall, paid search stands out as the primary driver of conversions for our client, showcasing the fundamental importance of developing customized and strategic PPC strategies. We’ve been able to gain Vivo Technologies’ trust and expand our client’s campaign with a 150% budget increase.

GA4 Conversion Data for Vivo
Get the Return on Investment You Deserve

Getting the ROI your campaign merits can be daunting. But with the right PPC experts by your side, you get a sounding board, which unveils additional growth opportunities. 

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, we could all use some reassurance and clarity. That’s why Big Leap exists. If you have any questions about your PPC efforts, check out our FAQs, and when you feel ready, connect with our dedicated team. We’ve been in the industry for 15+ years and are delighted to help in an impactful way for your business.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic