Boosting Client Acquisition: Ipson Law’s 226.98% Growth Story

B2C SEO Case Study with Ipson Law

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Project Overview

Increase in Keyword Rankings
Top 3
Positions of the Local Map Pack
Increase in Form Fills and Phone Calls
Industry Personal injury law
Value Provided Increase in conversions & quality client-agency partnership
Project Overview

Personal injury law firm Ipson Law needed an online marketing miracle. Their website wasn’t converting, and their previous agency left them feeling lost. 

Fast-forward to a few years later—Ipson Law has earned a 226.98% increase in conversions within six months. 


By finding a productive and symbiotic partnership grounded in meaningful results. 

Discover how Big Leap’s collaboration with Ipson Law led to these impressive outcomes.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Big Leap implemented a comprehensive online strategy, prioritizing keyword research, competitor analysis, local SEO, and technical SEO enhancements.

Equally important was fostering a solid relationship with Ipson Law. Based on the roadblocks they faced with their prior agency, we ensured transparency in our approach, provided tailored services, and made decisions based on data-driven insights.

1. Linking Services to Keywords

We kicked off the campaign by closely examining Ipson Law’s current keyword rankings. This insight helped us identify keywords our client was already performing well with and low-hanging fruit opportunities. 

Big Leap also collaborated with the client to uncover their top law services, laying the groundwork for linking Ipson’s services with relevant search phrases.

2. Competitors

As a local Utah law firm, Ipson Law faced tough competition on the SERPs. We analyzed competitor strengths and devised strategies to enhance our client’s site. By reviewing shared keywords, we assessed our ability to compete and capture them.

As the search landscape evolves, Big Leap conducts frequent competitor analyses to ensure our client remains relevant.

3. Local SEO

To help Ipson Law earn the trust of local clients, we drove a local SEO strategy that included:

  • Cleaning up duplicate Google Business Profile listings and launching a consistent citation campaign
  • Creating service area pages for various Utah cities, enabling us to secure top 10 SERP positions.
  • Optimizing the site for local keywords to ensure visibility among the right audience

4. Technical SEO

Lately, we’ve been working on conducting numerous site audits to pinpoint technical areas for improvement, such as: 

  • Call-to-action (CTA) placements 
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) audits
  • Site speed

These areas play a significant role in keeping quality traffic on the site in hopes that people will convert.

“I was most excited about having a local client when I took on this client. Since they signed with us, I’m very pleased to see them ranking above key competitors in the SERP results and even in the top 3 of the local map pack for several important terms related to their services. Lastly, seeing a 226.98% increase in conversions over the last six months makes me extremely happy.
Matt Janovsky
SEO Manager


The Results

By addressing Ipson Law’s challenges and implementing effective strategies, we helped our client get back on its feet and set the stage for ongoing success.

Change in Google from May 2020 to February 2024
  • Keyword rankings: By regularly driving keyword and competitor analysis, we’ve helped Ipson Law rank above key competitors in the SERP results. Since the start of the Big Leap-Ipson Law partnership, we’ve seen a 1351.61% increase in keyword rankings. 
  • Local map pack ranking: Thanks to a sustaining local SEO strategy, our client garnered the top 3 positions of the local map pack (Google Maps-based results). This strategy further elevated their visibility to those seeking law services in specific Utah cities. 
  • Conversions (form fills and phone calls): With the uptick in quality traffic and rankings, Ipson Law achieved a 226.98% conversion growth over six months. These conversions include filling out forms and receiving phone calls from prospective clients. 
Increase in phone calls
Steering a Clearer Path Forward with the Right Partner

Business always throws dicey situations our way. The key is finding a partner committed to helping you carry the weight and find actionable solutions. Ipson Law did and has reaped the rewards.

We encourage you to give Big Leap a shot. If we’re not the right fit, we have industry partners with whom we’re happy to connect you. Either way, we’re here to help. 

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