Lack of Holistic PPC Funnel Hinders Growth

PPC Case Study with Milk Snob

Project Overview

New Users from PPC
Increase in Order Value $ Amount
Industry eCommerce, maternity/parenting
Value Provided MoM growth and optimal return on ad spend
Project Overview

So, your retargeting efforts are bringing in returning site visitors and prospects. Excellent. 

But why limit yourself there? 

Although retargeting is crucial for guiding prospects further down the sales funnel and fostering loyalty, its effectiveness has its limits. 

This reality hit home for the maternity manufacturing business Milk Snob when their previous agency adopted the infamous “set it and forget it” approach, resulting in PPC revenue declines.

In 2023, Milk Snob put their faith in Big Leap. We dove into refining our client’s PPC campaign, developing top-of-the-funnel initiatives. Leveraging this holistic lens drove additional PPC avenues that unlocked opportunities for bottom-line growth.

The results? 

An average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6.57. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Keep reading to discover what our strategy entailed and the additional results we were able to accomplish for Milk Snob.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategy focused on finding fresh paths for expansion, a journey that unlocked both a lucrative campaign and a fulfilling client-agency relationship.

Balancing Prospecting & Retargeting

A vital aspect of Milk Snob’s campaign has been striking the right balance between top-of-the-funnel vs. bottom-of-the-funnel efforts. Initially, over 90% of Milk Snob’s PPC campaign focused on re-engaging returning visitors and customers, also called retargeting. 

But while retargeting is valuable for boosting return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), a healthy influx of prospects is essential for sustained bottom-funnel activity.

Our PPC team shifted away from retargeting to nurture Milk Snob’s prospecting initiatives, aiming to attract new customers. Doing so would allow us to create a more comprehensive and enduring funnel. 

Pushing the Envelope with Interest-Based Campaigns

Seeing that Milk Snob’s campaign wasn’t generating much success via target keywords, our PPC specialists leveraged Performance Max (PMax)—an additional avenue to display ads across Google’s platform (e.g., YouTube, Display Network, Search, etc.). 

PMAX enabled us to complement keyword-based campaigns with interest-based campaigns. How? By capitalizing on Milk Snob’s deal with Disney. 

For example, we targeted niche products, highlighting Toy Story and Disney princess-themed campaigns. By focusing on themes (rather than specific products), we were able to unveil additional lucrative opportunities.

Facilitating a Mutually-Motivating Partnership for Better Outcomes

Milk Snob was no stranger to ad strategies and metrics. This set the stage for a synergistic and mutually-motivating partnership. 

Our client often pushed back, continually pushing us to deliver data-driven insights and challenging us to explore new ideas, techniques, and approaches. This created a robust relationship rooted in transparency, accountability, and excellence.

“This was our first Black Friday season with Big Leap managing our account. Our account rep, Stephen, did an amazing job, and we were blown away both by the performance and Big Leap’s management. They were adjusting our account as needed throughout the entire sales period, and with the sales event now being completed, we see a night and day difference between our previous agency’s management of our Google account vs. Big Leap. Highly recommend!”
Hannah Crocker
Vice President, Licensing and Marketing at Milk Snob
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

Creating a holistic PPC funnel has resulted in MOM growth. For example, over a three-month duration, we’ve seen the following developments: 

September: Sessions: 13,560 Revenue: $11,590.99 Transactions: 244 Average order value: $47.50 Google spend: $5,615.02 October: Sessions: 14,149 Revenue: $12,868.77 Transactions: 226 Average order value: $56.94 Google spend: $6,578 November: Sessions: 14,539 Revenue: $33,574.54 Transactions: 440 Average order value: $76.30 Google spend: $7,104.42

Milk Snob also earned a healthy average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6.57 over 3 months. 

We appreciate Milk Snob’s forward-thinking approach. This mindset has enabled us to experiment and adopt new ideas—all of which have not only strengthened our partnership with Milk Snob but also helped our client reach new leads and customers, ultimately elevating their authority in the eCommerce maternity space.

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