The Project

The Law Office of Bradley Corbett is an experienced criminal defense team that serves the greater San Diego area. Bradley Corbett came to us looking to expand his online lead generation and compete against larger firms in his market. Our digital marketing services have offered Corbett a great opportunity to grow his firm, improve his branding and name recognition, and stand out in a crowded market.

Our work with Bradley Corbett started as a simple organic search campaign. Once we started seeing a lot of success with that campaign, we were able to expand our work with the law firm to include paid search, content marketing, and social media services. We truly view our relationship with Corbett as a partnership, and have enjoyed the opportunity to help his law firm grow with the help of smart digital marketing strategy.

The Strategy

We started our campaign by focusing on SEO and organic search strategies. Because some of Corbett’s primary goals were to increase branding and name recognition in the San Diego market, we focused on strategies that would improve his rankings in local search results. We did extensive work on his website to optimize for both user experience and SEO ranking factors.

Once we found success with our organic search optimization, Corbett decided to partner with us to fulfill other digital marketing services. On the content marketing side, we began by managing his social media channels and writing high-quality blog posts on a consistent schedule. We also looked for opportunities for Corbett to collaborate with other businesses. On the paid search side, our management strategy focused on both driving new sales leads and lowering the cost per lead. Because most keywords in the legal space are very expensive, we looked for innovative ways to make the most out of our budget, including very targeted custom ad scheduling and geotargeting. We also implemented call tracking to better track where leads were coming from and how much they cost.

Big Leap has been amazing. The entire team is very responsive and knowledgable. They treat me like I am their only client.
Bradley Corbett
Owner, The Law Office of Bradley Corbett

The Results

Since partnering with Big Leap, The Law Office of Bradley Corbett has seen great success in growing business through online leads. Ultimately, they are much more competitive in their market and are able to compete with much larger practices. Here are some of the ways we’ve measured this success:

  • Overall organic traffic increased 24.25% year over year
  • Increased form fills from an average of 5 leads per month to an all-time high of 80 leads per month
  • 25% of leads start from organic search
  • 46% of leads have an organic search touch point
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