Standing out in a crowded market isn’t the easiest thing to do.

In order to set yourself apart, you have to build a well-respected brand which is easier said than done. With the way the internet has shifted marketing, media, and content consumption, only the brands that stay on the leading edge can truly stand out as the “Best and Brightest” in their industry.

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“Utah’s Best & Brightest” Case Study

Here at Big Leap, we were in the same position as many of our clients. We needed a way to stand out from the many competitors in our area. We created the “Utah’s Best & Brightest” interactive map as a way to showcase our abilities and expose our company to thousands of people in our target market.

Our Needs and Goals

  1. Create more brand awareness in Utah
  2. Demonstrate our creative and analytical abilities
  3. Increase leads and interest in our services
  4. Increase awareness in Utah for employee recruiting

Our Target

  1. Marketing executives or business owners in medium-to-large businesses based in Utah
  2. Online marketing professionals for future career opportunities

Our Process

After analyzing many opportunities, we selected the “Utah’s Best & Brightest” interactive map for the following reasons:

  1. The scrolling map was a unique way to display the amazing business environment in Utah.
  2. We knew that many people were already interested in this topic based on the coverage Utah business has received from both local and national media.
  3. The interactive map would give our target audience something to brag about and leave a great first impression of Big Leap.
  4. It would allow us to easily make contact with our target audience (business owners and marketing executives) without a hard sales pitch. We provided value to them without asking for anything in return.


  1. Over 18,000 views
  2. Over 3,700 social shares (an incredible 20% share rate!). Some of these social shares came straight from our target audience including amazing companies like MX, Needle, Workfront, and others
  3. Social reach over 250,000 people
  4. Successfully increased leads and interest in Big Leap from our target audience

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