I’m continually amazed at offers that go something like this: “learn the SEO secrets of how you can drive 1000’s of customers to your website at $0 cost to you”.

While I’m confident you don’t believe in the zero cost investment, what you might relate to is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an allusive undertaking with lots of noise about tips, tricks and secrets on how to optimize your site.

However, this too is an exaggeration. SEO is not a bag of secrets; rather it’s a common-sense strategy of doing the right things at the right time – consistently, over a period of time.

There are no special software, magic bullets or secret formulas; only rolling up the sleeves and obtaining results.

Big Leap focuses on one thing – making the simple, tried and true SEO strategies come to life for our customers. Learn more about the benefits of content marketing and SEO.

Adam Jackson