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B2B SEO Case Study with Elite Ops

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Project Overview

Growth in Traffic to Key Landing Pages
Increase in Conversion Rates
Increase in Ranking Positions
Business Type B2B
Project Goals Conversion rate and keyword optimization
Project Overview

Capturing leads is complicated. You have to create a strategy that revolves around expert web design and an outstanding SEO plan to propel your website to the top of search result pages. But getting visitors to your website isn’t enough. Sometimes they come and go without making the jump to a conversion.

Elite OPS, a fulfillment company specializing in packaging and kitting services, had a hard time keeping their leads where they wanted them. Some of their webpages were getting a lot of traffic but seeing very little conversions from those visits. This was particularly concerning as they were in the middle of opening up a new assembly location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Elite OPS was already a client of ours in 2016 where we primarily helped them with SEO. But this time, our client needed help gaining visibility for their new location and help with a robust conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. So in 2020, Elite OPS approached us for guidance on shaking up their keyword strategy and taking a closer look at their website’s conversion performance.

Find out how this added focus led Elite OPS to improve their overall site traffic, boost their conversion rates by over 45% and drastically increase their keyword rankings.

Our Strategy

Data-Driven Keyword Research

After evaluating our initial keyword strategy we built for them, we aimed to refine the targeted keywords. First, we took a look at what keywords were and were not ranking.

Next, we focused on the opening of Elite OPS’s new location in Atlanta. This involved looking for new Atlanta-specific keywords we could start ranking for in order to help their Atlanta location to build a healthy following. 

We implemented a local SEO campaign that targeted keywords they could easily and quickly rank for.

This way, they could get some quick traffic, gradually increase their visibility and gain a larger link portfolio. We also tweaked their Utah-specific keywords to improve the organic traffic they saw on those pages.

Extensive CRO Audit

We conducted a CRO audit, which allowed Big Leap to identify ways to improve Elite OPS’s website and better capture their leads. We personalized the web copy, tweaked their CTA button, and highlighted certain business partners using high-quality images to better improve trust and authority. We conducted extensive AB testing to see which approaches worked best.

Their key landing pages saw between a 68-228% increase in new sessions. And our conversion rate optimization strategies improved their homepage conversions by over 45%.


The Results

Since we reorganized their keyword strategy, Elite OPS has seen an increase of 478 positions for their keyword rankings. And in just two months, Elite OPS is now number one for seven of those keywords. These optimization efforts also allowed Elite OPS to gain first page rankings for both Utah and Atlanta-based keywords. 

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Because of these improvements in rankings, overall organic traffic in Q2 of 2020 improved by 31.59% when compared to Q2 of 2019. Traffic on key landing pages (homepage, contact, about us, and kitting & assembling) saw between a 68-228% increase in new sessions. 

We performed A/B testing to execute our CRO strategy. For their homepage, we found that personalizing the copy and changing the CTA button improved conversions by 45.99%.

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For Elite OPS’s quote page, our changes to the copy, CTA button, and images improved conversions by 39.9% from the original webpage.

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