Online marketing tactics can range from a hundred different things. Many people will claim that Search Engine Optimization is the most popular and most effective of them all. Am I one of those people? Yes. And here is why.

SEO delivers a good ROI. When you do optimize a website, the search engine scours the web and brings back what it determines is relevant, content rich, websites. Most of the time, search engines brings back something you can use. It has a massive database of sites, so it gives you a lot of sites to choose from, and does it extremely fast.

SEO makes this possible. By optimizing your website with keywords, consumers looking for the product you sell, will find you on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is where 95% of the results take place.
Getting to the first page will increase your business more than any other online method available. No one uses the yellow pages anymore, and no one looks at online directories. They go straight to Google.