Using Twitter as a  social media marketing strategy is becoming more and more common.  Recently Shaquille O’Neal, a famous basketball player announced his  retirement on Twitter.  He did not do it in a press conference but created a video breaking the news to the public.  Before this would be unheard of but now it is not too surprising.

Who would’ve thought that Twitter, tweet, and tweeting would be common words and everyone would understand the meaning.  Many celebrities are using Twitter and sharing their thoughts on a variety of things.

It is hard to find a celebrity or company that doesn’t have a Twitter account.  I remember when companies and T.V. shows started having websites that we could go to, now it is Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While Twitter is a great way to follow famous people that people want to know about, is advertising a persons Twitter account becoming too common and seem too much of an advertisement?

While listening to commentators talking about sports, or newscasters I sometimes get irritated by how much I hear follow me on Twitter at …  There was a new T.V. show called The Voice which was a singing contest.  Each contestant had a Twitter account and after every performance their Twitter account was mentioned.  During their performance the judges Twitter account would pop up and have a tweet that they sent about the contestant that was currently singing.  While it was great advertising I think it seemed forced and made me want to not go to their Twitter account because it seemed too fake.

Whatever your opinion is about Twitter and social media it seems that it will remain a large part of how marketing campaigns are done.  There are large groups of people that use these websites and with it becoming easier to check these sites by using smart phones the group using these sites will only continue to increase.

Scott Sundblom