It has been a little unclear in the past as to what Facebook and other Social Media sites do for search engine optimization. Some businesses attempt to use social media to generate links to their site and boost their rankings.

Does Facebook affect SEO

Searchmetrics, a maker of SEO software, decided to put that uncertainty to rest. They recently released a study that revealed for certain that links on Facebook are not crawled by Google or other search engines and therefore have no affect on SEO.

However, don’t be discouraged by this news. Facebook isn’t down and out in the SEO ring. If you consistently share interesting content on your company’s Facebook page you can earn some good quality links by encouraging bloggers to write about your company. Those links can greatly boost your search engine rankings.

If you don’t want to leave your SEO in anonymous bloggers hands, however, you’ll need to look outside of social media. Commenting on blogs is a good way to generate links.

Look for blogs that are relevant to your keywords. Make sure that the comment box has a field for your name and a field for your url. Leave a thoughtful comment and don’t forget to put your url in the proper field so you get the link. Leave a thoughtful comment and don’t spam. Quality is better than quantity in this case because spammy comments will get your comment deleted and you banned.

Adam Jackson