Ninety-three percent of CIOs have either adopted or plan to adopt SaaS. So the good news is, businesses like yours have a high potential of staying in-demand. The not-so-good news? As SaaS/tech continues to pervade more markets, the industry will grow even more crowded and competitive, which means you need to step up your digital marketing game. 

The first step? Make data-driven decisions. At Big Leap, this is what we do best. And this year, we want to help businesses like yours level up and conquer 2021 with insightful resources. This is just one of them. So dive into these 40 SaaS/tech marketing statistics to spearhead your online strategy this year. 

We’ve organized them into seven key areas: 

  • General marketing trends
  • SEO & PPC trends
  • Content marketing trends
  • Social media trends
  • Email marketing trends
  • Customer trends
  • Sales/purchasing trends

General Marketing Trends

Let’s start with some data that offers a general overview of where SaaS/tech marketing is headed: 

  1. B2B tech companies allocate about 15% of their overall budget to marketing every year. (Deloitte)
  2. New SaaS companies invest roughly between 80% to 120% of their revenue towards sales and marketing (with additional money coming from venture dollars/other forms of capital) during their first three years. (Tomasz Tunguz)
  3. 80% of all B2B software and SaaS sales interactions are expected to be digital by 2025. (Gartner).
  4. In a survey, 80% of B2B tech marketers expressed writing skills were important, followed by content marketing skills (78%), digital media skills (77%), data analysis skills (77%), and email marketing skills (65%). (Spiceworks)

SEO & PPC Trends

More businesses and customers are diving into their own independent online research to find a software solution that’s right for them. This means you need to continuously invest in and hone your SEO and paid search strategies to stay relevant. 

Here are some useful stats to carve out your SEO and PPC strategies: 

  1. Organic search accounts for up to 68% of leads and traffic for top-tier SaaS companies. (Mike Sonders)
  2. In a survey of start-up founders, 90% of respondents expressed SEO is a key driver of brand awareness and leads for their business. (Hike)
  3. SaaS company, BigCommerce, won a 3x increase in trial conversions and a 10% increase in the quality of leads from their ad campaign. (Facebook)
  4. B2B software and SaaS buyers spend 27% of their time conducting independent online research during the buying process. (Gartner)

Content Marketing Trends

SEO requires great content. Nowadays, instead of relying on technical content and language, SaaS companies are opting for more creative and authentic content to foster valuable connections. Are you one of these businesses? 

  1. 85% of large SaaS businesses own a blog. (SaaSX)
  2. 36% of SaaS companies use their blog to share content that educates. (SaaSX)
  3. 54% of large SaaS companies use WordPress for their content management system. (Emily Byford)
  4. When SaaS company, Venngage, conducted a study on visual content, 41.5% of marketers expressed infographics and other original graphics perform the best. 25.7% said charts and data visualizations bring high engagement. (Venngage)
  5. 18% of the top SaaS businesses have their own podcasts to help market their products/services. (SaaSX)
  6. 42% of SaaS blogs carry a “subscribe” CTA (call-to-action). 
  7. 62% of marketers in the B2B tech sector say creating content is their biggest challenge. (Content Marketing Institute)
  8. In a research study where the top blog posts of 250 SaaS companies were analyzed, the average post was generating 119 backlinks from 8 referring domains. (Emily Byford)
  9. Top-performing blog posts from SaaS companies generate roughly 352 visits from organic search each month. (Emily Byford)
  10. A quarter of webinars are created by SaaS companies. (GoToWebinar)
  11. Three-fourths of B2B and sales leads believe webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. (GoToWebinar)

Social Media Trends

To help expand your SEO content efforts, you need to tune into the conversations happening on your social networks. This can give birth to new keywords and content ideas that can boost your brand awareness, credibility, and reach. 

Use these stats to help your team target the right channels and ideate better ways to connect. 

  1. YouTube is the top contributor of social traffic for 98% of the top 50 SaaS companies, followed by Facebook (96%), LinkedIn (78%), and Twitter (72%). (Mike Sonders)
  2. 71% of consumers who’ve had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family. (LYFE Marketing)
  3. 86% of consumers looking to buy IT products use social media to help them decide on a purchase. (SocialPilot)
  4. 67% of online users purchased a product/service after seeing an ad on social media. (The Manifest)
  5. In a case study on animated ads versus static image ads on Facebook, animated ads garnered 1.5x more clicks than static images. (Crello)

Email Marketing Trends

Emails are a great way to share content and nurture your leads. And with the right marketing automation tools, you can group your contacts according to common interests and automatically send out messages at the right time. 

Here are some figures that shed light on how you may want to leverage your email marketing strategy this year: 

  1. The most common marketing emails SaaS companies send out are: welcome emails, onboarding emails, feature announcements, new content (blog posts, videos, etc.), newsletters, surveys, and check-ins. (Sprout Social)
  2. Welcome emails reel in 4x more opens and 5x more clicks than other types of emails. (Invesp)
  3. Email is a top channel for tech companies in driving sales and improving relationships with current customers. (Campaign Monitor)
  4. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect a $44 return. (Campaign Monitor)
  5. Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails. (Campaign Monitor)
  6. The average email open rate for software industries and online services is 22%. The average click-through rate (CTR) is 2.8%. (IBM)
  7. Email is ideal for B2B communications, as 95% of professionals use this platform. (SmartDataCollective)

Customer Trends

More and more businesses are prioritizing the customer experience to make key business decisions. The following numbers illuminate customer insights on what they value when it comes to choosing a SaaS tool: 

  1. 93% of high-performing IT leaders view themselves as key enablers of customer experience initiatives, compared to 64% of underperformers. (Salesforce)
  2. 87% of IT business professionals believe IT is entering a new era driven by customer expectations over the next 12-18 months. (Salesforce)
  3. For SaaS companies, investing in the customer experience can increase their revenue by $1 billion. (BARE International)
  4. When IT professionals purchase SaaS apps, the top five factors they look for are: cost (59%), security (47%), ease of use (38%), integrations (30%), and customer support (24%). (BetterCloud)
  5. 70% of CIOs are interested in cloud-based SaaS technologies for their agility and scalability. (CoreView

Sales/Purchasing Trends

Looking at sales and purchasing trends in the SaaS/tech industry can help your team refine your buyer personas, sales funnel, and payment methods to improve the customer experience. Here are some stats to get you started: 

  1. In B2B tech, 8 people are typically involved in the decision/buying process. (Harvard Business Review)
  2. When assessing tech purchases, Millennials primarily refer to industry analysts (38%), vendor meetings (36%), and websites (33%). Baby Boomers rely more on analysts (50%), colleagues (49%), and vendor meetings (48%). Generation X prefers colleagues and vendor sites (both 40%) and analysts and trade shows (both 38%). (Arketi Group)
  3. Businesses that do not ask users for credit card info when they sign up for a free trial reel in 2x more paying customers than those that do. (Invesp)
  4. Active trial users who are contacted by sales representatives are 70% more likely to convert and purchase the paid service. (Invesp)

Go Big or Go Home: Customize Your Digital Marketing

Whether you’re looking to create more content or make site adjustments to encourage more conversions, focus on these 40 SaaS/tech marketing statistics to elevate your business this year. 

Keep in mind, digital marketing evolves rapidly; a strategy that works today may not work three months from now. So to maintain and elevate your online footing, you need to consistently keep your ear on the ground—what are your competitors up to? What are their marketing plans? 

Do things bigger and better than them by diversifying your marketing approach. SEO will only get you so far. To make a lasting impact, you have to mix it up with: 

Elevate Your Online Footing with Big Leap This Year

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