Since our very first post, we here at Big Leap have been devoted to providing our readers with the latest information about what social media is and how to use it effectively from a marketing standpoint. The online environment is constantly changing, and we do our best to keep you in the loop about the latest social media services and updates. That is why we often spend our time discussing the more technical aspects of social media.

A Change of Pace

Mashable is collecting opinions on social media via platforms such as Twitter.However, I came across an interesting article this morning that got me thinking about social media on a less technical, more personal level. You see, Mashable recently started collecting responses to the question “What does social media mean to you?” Responses are submitted via the hashtag #SocialMediaIs. Mashable is taking some of their favorites and displaying them via RebelMouse on this page. So you know that it’s worth checking out, I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite responses sent in thus far.

My Favorite “What is Social Media?” Responses

“#SocialMediaIs a way to learn about my industry, my friends, the news, the world, different cultures, anything, and everything.”

“#SocialMediaIs the collective experience.”

“#SocialMediaIs my livelihood. I’m not just playing on Facebook.”

“#SocialMediaIs how my mom stalks my life since I moved out.”

“#SocialMediaIs instantaneous! Share wisely!”

“#SocialMediaIs how we create change with our ideas.”

“#SocialMediaIs so much more than just words! #ideas #connections #memories”

My Answer

Social media is an integral part of my life. It’s a part of my career goals, as well as my connections with family and friends. It allows me to engage in conversations with my mom, my fiancée, and my best friend simultaneously. It helps me stay informed on the issues I care about most and weed out the information that I find less important. Every day I find something new that is funny, interesting, or insightful. Social media can be a place to waste your time or it can be time well spent. It all depends on how you, as an individual, decide to use it.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director

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