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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Reach
Increase in Clicks
Industry Home Services – Roofing
Value Provided Increased organic and paid search leads
Project Overview

Nearly 240 million people in the United States use social media. What’s more, millennials and Gen Z log nearly 3 hours a day on their social media accounts. So starting up a social media marketing campaign should help you reach all those people, right? Well, yes, but it’s much more complex than you’d think. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your social media campaign will likely fail.

Before American Roofing Company first started working with Big Leap to improve their organic search leads, they tried to get into the social media marketing game. Unfortunately, they saw virtually no engagement on their posts—they were incredibly frustrated to see their engagement almost always came from the same, very small group of four people. So, we wanted to see how we could help.

By reallocating their social media marketing budget and adjusting their strategy, we increased their total reach by 8,912%. Find out how we accomplished that for American Roofing Company and how we can increase engagement for your company.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Focused Targeting Strategy

Target audiences are the lifeblood of any marketing initiative—your audience informs the tone of your message, the pain points to address, and the offers to include. To improve American Roofing Company’s social marketing ROI, we took a more focused approach to their audience targeting. 

To do this, we looked at the cities American Roofing Company services. Then, we looked at the type of customers who would most likely benefit from their services, and found homeowners and commercial property owners were the perfect fit. 

Relevant Content Reposting

Although American Roofing Company didn’t achieve the success they wanted from their previous social posts, we believed these posts could still be a helpful resource for future followers and customers.

We set aside a portion of American Roofing Company’s social media budget and created a plan to boost those posts to help engage their newly defined audience.

Audience-Specific Content Creation

To deliver better ROI, we needed to create content that their newly-found audience would resonate with. That content also needed to link to American Roofing Company’s website, something their other posts failed to accomplish.

After some experimentation, we found before-and-after pictures of American Roofing Company’s previous clients performed the best. These posts gave both passive and active customers visual proof of how they could benefit from American Roofing Company’s services.

“Who knew how much $100 a month could impact a social strategy? I was so pleased to hear how happy our clients were with the results of their paid advertising. Our strategy led to our clients having the busiest Spring season ever.”
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

Before we started boosting previous posts in January 2021, American Roofing Company only saw about 177 organic reach and zero paid. After two months of boosting, the reach jumped to 16,397. In total, this helped them see an 8,912% increase in their organic and paid reach.

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Those boosted ads also helped garner more clicks to American Roofing Company’s website, helping gain over 128 new clicks. 

The social campaign also helped American Roofing Company increase engagement on their business page, showing an increase of 33% on their page likes.

We’ve Got Your Social Media Marketing Covered

It may not be easy to do social media marketing well, but it’s infinitely easier when you have experienced marketing experts on your side. With over a decade in the digital marketing space, Big Leap is proud to offer our services.

Are you ready to change how you see social media marketing? Reach out to our experts today. We’ll tailor a digital marketing plan to your exact needs and goals.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic