Facebook announced today a new way to communicate in real time. The new system brings together text and email, and Mark Zuckerburg hopes to bring together all the forms of communication into one central location–your facebook page.

It all started because Mark Zuckerburg was talking to high school kids, and they said that email was too slow and too formal. They’re no longer using email, but instead are using text messages and facebook messages. This sparked the idea of bringing those two things together.

The presumptuous idea is that everyone you care about has a facebook account, and from your own account you can contact your friends using the medium that they enjoy most. If you have a friend with an iphone, there’s an app for that. If you want to talk to your mom, you can send her an email, all from your own facebook page.

Labeled as a “gmail killer” by some, this new way of one-stop communication will take time to implement, says Zuckerburg. He doesn’t expect people to shut down their yahoo accounts and switch to Facebook, but as time goes on, we’ll see more and more use.

Right now, its available on an “invite only” basis, much like google has done with its services, but over the next few months they plan to expand it to all facebook users.