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Google lmproves Quality Score Reporting in AdWords

Google AdWords Improves Quality Score Reporting

If you talk to a seasoned AdWords advertiser, you’ll quickly discover that they generally value higher Quality Scores over most KPIs that AdWords tracks. However, AdWords’ reporting of Quality Score has left advertisers wanting more data, including historical tracking of Quality Score.

Want no more, advertisers—AdWords has made a few adjustments that make it possible to view end-of-day Quality Scores and Quality Score for individual keywords without making you hover over the bubble icon. They’ve also added new breakout columns for expected click-through-rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.


Facebook Launches Lift to Aimed at Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

Facebook Lift

As the king of social media (and social media advertising), masses of marketers have turned to Facebook to drive engagement, traffic, leads, and sales. Due to concerns about Facebook’s ability to accurately report data and to tie results to ads, Facebook has launched Lift.

When Facebook announced Lift, it didn’t go into great detail about exactly what Lift does. However, we do know that it utilizes randomly-controlled trials to measure ad effectiveness. We’re hopeful that Lift brings greater insight into results generated by Facebook ads.


Google Launches Google Attribution

Google Launches Google Attribution

Google looks to say “sayonara” to last-click attribution with the recent announcement of Google Attribute. Attribute is a multi-channel attribution service that will help marketers look past the last-click by using data within Google Analytics and Google AdWords to shape a marketer’s understanding of the customer journey.

Just as exciting as the announcement of Google Attribute itself is the welcome note that Attribution will have a free version available to accounts with 15,000+ clicks and 600+ conversions within a 30-day window. Soon enough, advertisers will be able to utilize data from Google Attribute in their bidding strategies.


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Chad Pearman