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Digital Marketing Case Study with Yo Soy Nuskin

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Project Overview

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Value Provided  Improvement in site traffic and reputation
Project Overview

In today’s day and age, having good online real estate is imperative to your long-term success. But with these possibilities come challenges. What people say about you can make your brand’s reputation vulnerable to inaccurate, misleading, and damaging information. This is something skincare company Nu Skin was facing. 

A client of Big Leap since 2017, Nu Skin reached out to us to improve their online reputation, particularly in the Latin American market. Negative search results were showing up for their branded keywords, so we helped Nu Skin combine the forces of reputation management, CRO, and content marketing to spearhead their campaign.

By taking a customized and holistic marketing approach, we were able to improve Nu Skin’s online reputation and authority in Latin America by burying their negative results and pushing their positive listings up to the top 10 search results. Not to mention, our collaborative partnership with our client grew into a lasting relationship that still continues today. 

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The Big Leap team spearheaded Nu Skin’s Latin America campaign by leveraging multiple areas of marketing to help amplify their online authority and credibility. 

Reputation Management via Site Migration

The Big Leap team first looked at expanding their digital footprint outside their main domain ( This would give a way for our client to expand their brand’s positive digital footprint amid a negative news cycle.

So we decided to migrate their blog to a new domain— Their informative blog content would help push negative articles down on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and recapture lost organic traffic. We also kept their company name in the domain, which would help bring their sites to the top of the SERP.  

But to gain authority on this microsite and actually offset Nu Skin’s negative listings, our team knew we had to keep working to boost its authority and credibility. So in addition to reputation management strategies, we tapped into content marketing and CRO to give the campaign the competitive edge it deserved.

Content Expansion

Our content marketing strategy for Nu Skin focused on quality and consistency through two mediums—blog posts and podcasts.

Blog Posts

Once Big Leap migrated Nu Skin’s blog onto the domain, we encouraged our client to consistently publish quality content that informs and educates. Expanding their blog would not only drive more awareness and traffic to their website, but it would also help raise their new site’s authority and ranking in the SERPs.


To further grow Nu Skin properties across the web and bolster their blog efforts, our team created a podcast series. 

Each podcast would supplement a blog post and be published on the Nu Skin Soundcloud platform. Our team hired voice actors who would record the podcast episodes in Spanish,  offering an additional medium users can engage with. 

Content Promotion via Distributors

These quality blog posts and podcasts were advantageous to Nu Skin’s promotional efforts. Our client had additional material for their team members and customers to share on their own websites and social media pages. 

These shares helped drive additional traffic to Nu Skin’s Latin America site and elevate our client’s authority in the skincare and beauty space.  

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Driving traffic is great, but if your website isn’t user-friendly, your content and promotional efforts will only go so far. To fine tune areas of Nu Skin’s site in a way that would encourage the most engagement and conversions, our team leveraged conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. 

We conducted A/B testing on the website to determine the best placement and color of Nu Skin’s social buttons. Doing this helped us decipher what type of design had the greatest impact for engagement. As their brand evolved, we worked with our client to ensure these onsite features were aligned with the changes.

It’s been amazing to see the Yo Soy Nu Skin website increase in performance over the years and rank for new keywords. This site has had a huge positive impact on our campaign. The biggest win for us was when another branch of Nu Skin (not part of our keyword strategy) reached out to let us know they were seeing this site ranking in the top 10 for their SERPs.


The Results

Since the launch of the site, Nu Skin has had 220 blog posts and 65 podcasts go live. Each piece of content informs, engages, and instills trust in their target audience. By leveraging quality content and conversion optimization tactics, Nu Skin was able to reclaim their online reputation. 

Here are some of the prime manifestations of their achievements. 

Increase in Traffic

When we first launched the Yo Soy Nu Skin site, traffic started at zero. With promotion and conversion optimization techniques, we have consistently seen over 5,000 organic sessions and almost 9,000 pageviews each month. 

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Strong Backlink Profile

Nu Skin’s high-quality content won the trust of many authoritative sites—our client received over 500 backlinks and 60 referring domains. These votes of confidence helped spread a more positive reputation of Nu Skin’s brand across the web. 

Not to mention, a strong backlink profile coupled with a boost in traffic pushed our client’s negative listings further down in the SERPs, which made room for more positive listings. 

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Improvement in Search Rankings

With an advantageous boost in traffic and strong backlink profile, Yo Soy Nu Skin is ranking in the top 20 results for all of the keywords in their target markets. 

Here’s a quick list of the current rankings in the SERPs compared to the rankings of that same period in 2017: 

keyword rankings for yo soy
Take Full Control of Your Reputation

It can get brutal out there in the online landscape—are you equipped with the necessary tools to safeguard your brand during times of crisis? 

If you need a hand ensuring you’ve got everything in check, reach out to Big Leap. Like we did with Nu Skin, we’ll get to know your business and together, spearhead a well-rounded marketing strategy made for your brand. Customization is crucial when it comes to marketing, and that’s exactly what we thrive on.

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