The discipline of digital marketing is one in constant flux. Each month we compile three to five pieces of the most impactful digital marketing news and share it with you so you can identify and deploy new and effective strategies!

LinkedIn Introduces Audience Matching

linkedin audience matching

Image by Marketing Land

In an effort to catch up to Facebook (and to make more money), LinkedIn has been rolling out new feature after new feature to its advertising platform. Late April LinkedIn announced that within a week’s time all advertisers would gain audience matching targeting capabilities inside of Campaign Manager. This includes website retargeting, targeting users by email address, and targeting users by company. Social advertisers rejoice!


Google Made 1,600+ Changes to Its Search Engine Last Year

Google search algorithmic changes

Image by Search Engine Land

Digital marketers tend to take note whenever Google announces an algorithmic update to Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or any number of their other oddly-name search algorithms. Recently, Google published on their How Google Search Works website that they had made 1,653 changes to search in 2016. That’s an average of 4.5 changes a day.

While many of these changes go unnoticed by even Google’s most ardent observers, it illustrates the importance of leveraging experts who live and breathe search engine marketing.


Google AdWords Adds Company Based Product Listing Ads to Search Results

Google Product Listing Ads with Company Names

Image by The SEM Post

Google made a subtle but important change to its PLA or Product Listing Ads mid-April by grouping together products sold by specific sellers. This means the ads lack a specific product for the searcher to click on which will upset some of the PPC folk, but places more emphasis on an advertiser’s brand which isn’t a bad thing. Does this change things for your ecommerce business?


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Chad Pearman