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Reputation Management Case Study with Energy & Power Co.

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Project Overview

Positive Scores in the Top 10
Positive Scores in the Top 20
Business Type Energy & Power
Project Goals Improve and Manage Online Reputation
Project Overview

The web is a wonderful landscape that fuels communities of avid online participants, but it’s also a dangerous territory where your reputation is walking on a tightrope. Negative reviews can rapidly inundate the positive elements of your business and things can get easily blown out of proportion. 

This is what a certain company in the energy and power sector was facing. They were flooded with negative online reviews that were tarnishing their brand and credibility. So in 2018, they sought Big Leap’s reputation management services.  

Our reputation management team helped our client nurture a beneficial brand identity to become a credible source and business in the industry. By putting together a robust campaign that involved research and promotion, we successfully buried their negative reviews and URLs and gained a clean first search engine results page (SERP), with a 100% positive score. 

Keep reading for all the details on the reputation management strategies we used and reach out to us if you’d like tips on how to improve your online image. 


Our Strategy

Reputation management is not a walk in the park; you can’t simply take down websites from search engines or change your public image overnight. Our reputation management specialists were prepared for these obstacles. We focused on three strategies: extensive brand health analysis, content strategy and promotion, and proactive monitoring and reporting. 

Extensive Brand Health Analysis

Our team began by conducting a 182-point audit along with an additional reputation management audit. This involved examining the first three pages of Google along with pages four to 10 to identify areas for opportunities. These analyses helped our team understand exactly where and how the company was showing up on the SERPs and brainstorm strategies for cleaning up our client’s key assets.

Content Strategy and Promotion

Based on our findings, we repurposed and created high-quality content with our client and third parties to help move the company’s negative listings further down the results pages. Our reputation management team then focused on expanding this new content through link acquisition campaigns. Not only did this help spread the word on the positive aspects of our client’s brand, but it also established trust among their target audience. 

Proactive Monitoring and Reporting

Our team knew that circulating this new and improved content in the online realm meant that we also needed to be meticulous listeners. We proactively monitored how the content was impacting the client’s brand reputation in the search results. We tracked their progress and made sure our team was alerted to new negative sites and reviews.

In the 18 months that Big Leap worked with this company, we were able to get their SERP results for branded keywords to an 85% positive score in the top 20 positions and a 100% positive score in the top 10 positions.


The Results

In the beginning of the campaign, 48% of our client’s online branded keywords portrayed the company in a negative light, with a majority of this negativity being on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). But in the 18 months that Big Leap worked with this company, we were able to get their SERP results for branded keywords to an 85% positive score in the top 20 positions (the first and second pages of the SERP) and a 100% positive score in the top 10 positions (the first page of the SERP). 

top ranking energy chart
rep manage energy chart

Let’s Illuminate Your Good Side

Your online reputation should never be an afterthought. It’s paramount in driving business and letting people know that your services matter. So take control of your online visibility by contacting us to see how we can heighten your brand identity and win the positive attention you deserve.

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