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Reputation Management Case Study with NuSkin

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Project Overview

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Project Overview

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Nu Skin has become a global force in the direct selling industry, with operations in over 52 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. In 2017, they came to Big Leap with concerns about their online reputation in Latin America.

Our reputation management team leapt into action, collaborating with Nu Skin to develop a custom, multi-layered strategy. It was so successful that a year into it, Nu Skin added 3 more markets. Six months after that, a 5th market was added.

Two years later, Nu Skin’s online reputation has measurably improved and our partnership is still going strong. Keep reading to see how Big Leap buried negative search results, boosted Nu Skin’s social profiles to regularly rank in the top 20, and created a successful website that not only ranks in the 5 focus markets, but in other Spanish-speaking countries as well.


Our Strategy

The direct selling industry is fraught with vocal cynics, and thanks to the internet, there is no limit to their reach. With a global distributor and customer base of over 1.2 million, it was clear to our team that Nu Skin needed to harness the power of accurate, positive communication with their field. To combat the loud, negative voices, we developed three key strategies:

Yo Soy Nu Skin

Big Leap built Nu Skin an off-site, LATAM-focused blog in Spanish called Yo Soy Nu Skin. In collaboration with Nu Skin, we stocked the blog with accurate and fresh content. We focused on quality and consistency, while also targeting important keywords to bring the great content front and center and push negative content to the background.

In addition to the written blog articles, we also worked with voice actors to record each Yo Soy Nu Skin blog post for convenient audio files. This achieved simultaneous objectives: it gave blog visitors two ways to receive timely information and built out Nu Skin’s SoundCloud profile.

Quality Control

Big Leap also concentrated on increasing quality on multiple Nu Skin platforms, including social profiles. We created high-quality backlinks to Nu Skin profiles, as well as positive off-site articles that were optimized for SEO to rank well in search engine results. This further contributed to increased credibility, authority, and rankings, and resulted in achieving a beneficial rank in the top 20.

Project Monitoring

We regularly tracked results to stay on top of any changes and adjust as needed. An extensive reputation management dashboard with historical and current data provided visibility to the client, so we were on the same page throughout the campaign.

“When we first started working with Big Leap, our Latin America reputation on google was suffering. We had multiple negative pages showing on the first page of the SERP. Big Leap, specifically Justina and Sierra, really helped us create a plan and get results. Big Leap has taken complete ownership and helped turn around our online reputation for the better.”
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The Results

Big Leap’s multifaceted reputation management approach has been so successful that Nu Skin added four additional countries since we started in 2017. Our reputation management campaign is now active in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

The Yo Soy Nu Skin blog not only ranks in the five countries we focused on, but in other Spanish speaking countries as well. It even ranks in SERPs in unexpected markets, like Brussels.

Our keyword strategy began with a laser focus and targeted two keywords in the Argentina market. This produced a 108% improvement in positive search results. In addition, over the two years there has been a decrease in both negative and neutral results.

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In addition, we compared 2019 to 2018 in order to get a better look at the changes in the data and were happy to find out that website performance keeps improving year over year. In 2019, pageviews increased by over 15% with an increase in the amount of time visitors were staying on the site.

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