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Home Security & Solar Reputation Management Case Study

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Project Overview

Increase in Users and Page Views
Organic Keywords Ranking
Increase in Facebook page visits
Company Size 51-200 Employees
Industry Home Security Automations & Solar Power
Value Provided Improved their online reputation, and boosted their SEO and social media presence.
Project Overview

Poor reviews are heartbreaking for any company to receive. Not only do they show customers were dissatisfied with well-intentioned services, but negative reviews can also dissuade future customers from patronizing your business.

Unfortunately, trying to bury said negative reviews is almost worse—the practice can be seen as dishonest in the eyes of the average customer. So when negative reviews rear their ugly head, what can you do to negate their effects?

This is the question our Security & Home Automation Systems and solar provider client, asked themselves. Fortunately, they’ve had a long-standing relationship with us at Big Leap, working with us since 2018. While our previous projects were mostly targeted on SEO and site optimization, our experts are also highly skilled at reputation management.

Find out how our expertise landed a 12.1% increase in positive search results for Security & Home Automation Systems within the first SERP.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We came to Security & Home Automation Systems with a laundry list of recommendations they could apply to get their online reputation back on track. The following are the recommendations they decided to move forward with.

Implemented Reputation and Review Tactics

We created a list of tactics that encourage best practices for reputation management. This included:

  • Putting a program in place to ask every new customer to review their business
  • Asking employees to post reviews on employer review sites
  • Incorporate positive reviews and testimonials into website content and blogs
  • Responding to reviews promptly, both positive and negative
  • Targeting keywords based around review pages
  • Being active on social media and responding to comments and reviews
  • Repurposing old blog content to better capture review-based leads
  • Setting up profiles on third-party sites and directories

The client was able to take on a lot of these tasks on their own. We created blog content and managed their social media profiles, posting on them every week to keep them active and to engage with their customers.

We also helped Security & Home Automation Systems create and optimize directory profiles and launch a third-party review site. 

Created a Third-Party Review Site

If you don’t have a dedicated review site, web surfers can get lost when trying to find out about your business. Worst case scenario, they may slip into the web pages of your competitors.

Security & Home Automation Systems didn’t previously have a dedicated review website. We created one URL to target all of their desired review keywords. We pinned several 5-star reviews to ensure the website gave customers a good impression.

And to ensure the new website actually offered additional value, we included repurposed content to complement the reviews.

Optimized Website with Keywords and Metadata

To put a proverbial cherry on top of our efforts, we implemented some essential SEO practices to ensure security & Home Automation Systems could make the most of their organic traffic. This involved optimizing existing content and creating new blog content every month. These newly optimized pages could then effectively displace negative URLs that showed up for our client’s search terms.

We are happy to see Security & Home Automation Systems‘ keyword is performing in the top 10 positions with a decrease in negative mentions. We are also happy to see that their website is now ranking in the top 20! We anticipate negative mentions to decrease as we emphasize the “reviews” keywords with the new page and content creation.
-Big Leap Account Manager


The Results

There are few industry standard tools for measuring improvements in reputation scores. Companies can speculate by looking at increasing numbers of reviews posted on popular sites, but there is no traditional measuring stick. 

So Big Leap created a measurement tool to monitor search results performance gains for priority keywords. Every two weeks, we pulled the top 20 URLs that populate in the SERPs for our client’s review’s keywords. We coded them as positive (blue), negative (red), and neutral (black).

Top 20 Keyword positions

We assigned a ranking formula to compare each bi-weekly result to the baseline data from when the campaign started. 

When we started the campaign, more negative content (red URLs) populated in the top 20 positions in the search. As the campaign progressed, and we published new blogs and reviews, more neutral content (black URLs) and positive content (blue URLs) began to displace the negative (red URLs). Our formulas fed into these tables to measure the percentage improvement or how many more positive rather than negative URLs were starting to show up in the top 10 and top 20 SERP positions.

Top 10 Percent Change Since Start of Campaign

The positive content and additional keyword support positively increased organic keyword rankings. When we started this aggressive reputation management campaign in January, there had been a downward trend in organic keyword performance.

chart showing organic keywords ranking trend

Over the last 6 months, we have seen this downward trend reverse and move in an upward trajectory. 

From March 2022 through August 2022 the keyword amounts have been steadily increasing

Gains can also be seen in the number of users and pageviews in the July 2022 report:

There were steady gains in users and pageviews.
Be Smart About Your Reputation

When you have the right systems in place, your reputation management can almost take care of itself. And with the help of a watchful, experienced eye, you can ensure that you never fall out of favor with your customers.

Want to ensure positive online visibility? Contact Big Leap today to find out how we can work together.

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