Utah is exploding with growth. Our entrepreneurial spirit and startup-friendly culture have inspired hundreds of new companies to launch in or expand to Utah. We love being part of Utah’s business scene and created our Utah’s Best & Brightest graphic to celebrate some of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies along the Wasatch Front. Check out the graphic here.


Here are some of the ways Utah leads the nation in business and new development:

  • Dollar-per-deal, Utah leads the nation in venture capital tech funding (via Inc.)
  • In 2014, Forbes named Utah as the best state in the nation for business (via Forbes)
  • A survey conducted by Thumbtack and Kauffman Foundation found that Utah is the most small business-friendly state in the US (via Inc.)
  • The Kauffman Foundation also ranked Utah as first in the nation for economic dynamism in their New Economy Index (via ITIF)
  • In 2014, the US Chamber of Commerce ranked Utah as 4th in the nation for technology and entrepreneurship, and 3rd in the nation for economic performance (via US Chamber of Commerce)

Best and Brightest SLC

Not only is Utah a great place for business, it’s an outstanding place to live. Our cities consistently top the charts as some of the nation’s best places to live. We enjoy the beauty of Utah’s natural landscape, including five national parks and world-class skiing. On top of that, we have an affordable cost of living that allows for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Do you love Utah as much as we do? Share the Utah’s Best & Brightest graphic with friends and family and join us in celebrating our state.

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