One of the top SEO news resources, Search Engine Land, recently ran an article asking the questions: Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO? Many SEO Consultants or firms will tell you that if you can’t budget at least $500 per month for an SEO budget, you can’t afford SEO. The truth is SEO is an investment in many ways; a financial investment, a time investment and a wonderful investment in your business. So the big answer…YES, small businesses can afford SEO and should make it a priority in their budget.

So how exactly do you afford it and how is it going to help you? SEO requires patience. Nobody can perform magic on your website and get you top rankings over night. If done right, SEO will pay for itself in the long run. If you spend hundreds on SEO but get thousands in return, SEO is definitely affordable. It may be hard cutting those checks to an SEO company or grinding it out on the Internet doing it yourself for the first few months but the ROI can make it worth your while. There are no guarantees in SEO but few companies fail to see some results after a good search engine optimization campaign.

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