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Project Overview

Increase in Conversions
Keywords in the Top 3 Positions
Increase in Traffic
Business Type B2C — Consumer goods
Project Goals  Improvement in Local SEO Rankings, Traffic, and Conversions
Project Overview

When you’re a local business, you want to be discovered online by those in your surrounding neighborhood and cities. Otherwise, you’ll just be targeting the wrong audience and reeling in unqualified leads. Because 97% of people learn about local businesses online, the lack of local visibility can stifle your potential for valuable real estate on search engines, traffic, and conversions.

This is what family-owned spa, pool, and fireplace business, Aqua Rec’s was experiencing. So in 2015, by the recommendation of one of our clients, Aqua Rec’s sought out Big Leap’s digital marketing services. They wanted guidance on building a robust local presence among their Washington service areas. 

By entrusting us to maintain their website and SEO initiatives, Aqua Rec’s was able to boost local conversions by over 90%. 

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Our Strategy

Our team of SEO experts knew that a local SEO strategy would be pivotal in helping Aqua Rec’s connect with the right audience. We focused on executing three strategies: enhancing their local listing, building out content pages, and improving their site speed. 

Amplifying Local Presence through Google My Business

To help improve Aqua Rec’s local online listings, we worked on expanding their Google My Business (GMB) listing for each of their service locations. This involved creating posts that kept their audience updated on the latest news and built awareness around their pool, spa, and stove products. By upgrading their directory pages, this would help our client’s local pages soar with better engagement and conversion rates. 

Establishing High-Quality Content Pages

We then focused on building out our client’s site content with highly searched keywords on valuable topics.

The goal was to educate their target audience while elevating their visibility on the search engines. Through extensive keyword analysis and a collaborative relationship with our writing/editing team, Big Leap created over 100 blog posts for their site plus five location-based pages. 

Optimizing Site Technicalities

Our team knew creating valuable content was just once piece of the pie. We needed to establish a solid foundation around the technicalities of the site to properly house Aqua Rec’s content and build a positive user experience—a crucial component to Google’s ranking factors. 

From an extensive site audit, we found their site needed improvements on page speed. So we worked on enhancing their images, removing 404 pages, and refining the overall internal linking structure of their webpages. 

“Even during the coronavirus pandemic, these high rankings helped drive visibility and engagement, as Aqua Rec’s saw an increase in 93.83% in GMB conversions.”
This magnitude of exposure put Nomatic in front of hundreds of thousands of social media users and opened the doors for continual invitations to a myriad of other sporting events.


The Results

With a comprehensive local SEO strategy backed by quality content and a positive user experience, Aqua Rec’s has seen a steady increase of keyword rankings with 21 out of 143 keywords ranking in the top three positions and 58 keywords in the top 10 positions. 

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Even during the coronavirus pandemic, these high rankings helped drive visibility and engagement, as Aqua Rec’s saw an increase in 93.83% in GMB conversions. Comparing 2019 to 2020, here’s how the conversions skyrocketed across their target locations: 

  • Gig Harbor saw a 139.1% increase in total actions taken.
  • Bonney Lake saw a 124.6% increase in total actions taken.
  • Puyallup saw a 112.6% increase in total actions taken.
  • Fircrest saw an 88.6% increase in total actions taken.
  • Tacoma saw a 74% increase in total actions taken.
  • Woodinville saw a 57.3% increase in total actions taken.
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More visibility brought more online sessions and traffic. In April 2020, one of their blog posts reeled in over 2,500 sessions over a period of three months. And overall, Aqua Rec’s has seen its organic traffic increase by 40.23% and new users increase by 44.42% so far in 2020.

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Amplify Your Online Visibility with a Trusted Team

You don’t have to be a B2C business like Aqua Rec’s to win long-term results. Here at Big Leap, our team has proudly served a wide variety of industries for over a decade. With a relationship rooted in transparency and high-quality services, we can help your business gain the visibility and profitable connections you deserve. 

If you’d like to see what our team of digital marketers can do for you, reach out to us, and we’ll get you set up with a free strategy session.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic