Whether you’ve been in the roofing industry for years or you’re just getting started, a digital marketing plan is essential for finding the right customers.

Having grown businesses like yours for over 10 years, Big Leap is here to help. Keep reading to see a list of our favorite digital marketing tactics for roofers and the benefits they can bring. You’ll be sure to see impressive results when you put these tools to the test.

Read up on how to how digital marketing can help you convert more leads.

#1 Play Nice With Google

Creating a fancy website is not enough to get more customers. People have to know you exist first. The best way to gain visibility and generate leads for your roofing business is to get your website on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This ensures that your site is easily found when a customer searches for “roofing” (or something similar) on Google or Bing. 

The only way to improve your search engine rankings is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This refers to strategies that allow search engines to easily read and value your content (which we’ll talk about a little later) and encompasses proven practices like:

  • Using industry-specific keywords and search terms on your website (for example, “roofers in my area”)
  • Including your business name, location, and address on your homepage, and adding them to Google My Business
  • Optimizing your website so that people can access and view your content easily on their phones
  • Improving the quality of your images

Good SEO practices like these can have an incredibly positive impact on your company. Some of the benefits include:

  • More quality traffic on your website
  • Increased visibility to people searching for roofing services
  • Spending less on marketing to potential customers
  • A leg up on your competition

#2 Create Content That Connects with Customers

We briefly mentioned content in the last section. It’s important to understand what quality content is and how it can really help your marketing efforts.

Most people think of a blog when they hear “content,” but it’s much more than that. Content can be videos, infographics, an About Us page, and information about upcoming sales or events.

Quality content needs to be keyword-optimized, so search engines can easily recognize it, and well-written, so customers reading it will get the information they were looking for. This kind of content will:

  • Show your customers that you care about their best interests
  • Develop a long-lasting relationship with your audience
  • Build credibility in your business
  • Increase your brand visibility

#3 Collect Loads of Customer Reviews

When customers are in the buying process, they do a fair amount of research when considering your business. One of the biggest factors that plays into their decision-making is online reviews, so it’s important to encourage past customers to leave a review of your company.

Positive reviews can:

  • Rank you higher on Google
  • Build your brand’s credibility
  • Convince more people to click on your website

The combination of an improved search engine ranking and better reviews will improve your visibility and compel potential customers to hire you. 

Encouraging former customers to leave a review is also an excellent way to receive feedback on your services and provide guidance on how you can improve for even better ratings in the future.

#4 Nurture New Customers with Email Marketing

Yes, email works. You may think differently, with all of the unread emails that go straight into your trash folder, but email marketing is actually one of the most effective ways to reach more people and see more business as a result.

A good email marketing campaign can:

  • Create a personal connection between a customer and the company
  • Update people on your services and offer new and exclusive deals
  • Direct people to your website to learn more about your company
  • Target a huge audience (over 3.9 billion people use email in the world)

The most important thing for email marketing is to make it personal. In fact, emails that include the recipient’s name in the subject line are opened 50% more than generic subject lines. But companies can personalize the email without having to use the person’s name. For example, emails can address pain points, like getting a roof fixed or supplying a roofing company with material. The best part, a lot of email marketing can be automated. Read on!

#5 Automate As Much As Possible

You only have so much time to dedicate to marketing, so you need to spend it making important decisions and creating the right marketing strategies. Some of the more menial tasks are equally as important but take too much time, like posting on social media and sending emails. So how do you consistently engage with potential customers without blowing your time and money?

Marketing automation is the perfect solution. This involves software that takes care of your time-consuming tasks and maximizes marketing efforts. An effective marketing automation tool can do this by:

  • Categorizing your audience based on engagement history and sending out unique messages to each of them
  • Creating automatic responses for all leads that come to your website
  • Linking appointments to your calendar the second they’re scheduled
  • Making data reports to see how your business is performing
  • Scheduling emails to inform your potential clients about upcoming deals
  • Posting hundreds of social media content with a single click
  • Giving an in-depth analysis of your key metrics

Market Better With Big Leap

Unless you have a complete marketing team, you’ll probably need some help getting these marketing tactics up and running. With over a decade in the industry, Big Leap has helped hundreds of clients, including roofers, find leads and generate lasting growth.

Our values are anchored in trust and credibility, and we want to help you garner the same in your business. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to create a customized marketing strategy for your roofing company.

Jack Greaves