Small businesses are often called the backbone of America. In fact, over 50% of Americans are employed by a small business owner. Here is another fact: starting, running, and successfully managing a small business is no easy task. 7 out of 10 new business fail within the first 2 years! With a stat like that, you may be tempted to quit while you’re ahead. Before you do, here are 5 things you should try before you give up on your small business:


Humanize Your Social Media 

Try this simple exercise: If your brand were a person, what would they be like? Fun? Energetic? Loud? Modest? Once you map out who you are as a company, apply that voice and personality to your social media channels. Customers want to feel like they can relate to your business. By humanizing your brand, you will accomplish this goal. (Visit our social media management page for more on social media.)


Give Back

This could be something as simple as doing a service project once a quarter. Again, consider what type of organization you are trying to be. Is your image All about supporting veterans? Going green? Keeping the arts in public schools? Pick a cause and make it a point to back and promote it online. Weaving this type of social responsibility into your brand’s story can make consumers feel as if they are part of something.


Follow your audience

Today, digital doesn’t stop with reaching your audience on their desktops—it means drilling in on all possible engagement points. Take on a true multi-channel approach. Think Facebook live, comical videos, texts rather than emails. Above all, creativity and personalization is key!


Figure Out Your Role

If you own a small business, you wear many hats. You’re  operations, marketing, accounting, HR, etc. All wrapped into one. You may start to feel like you’re drowning in the day-to-day, and you could start to lose site of the big picture. Know when it’s time to hire talent, and make sure your main goal is focused on responsible growth.



This may sound cliche’ coming from a marketing agency, but a solid marketing plan paired with a good product or service will make or break a small business. Do your research, figure out what can be done in-house, what should be outsourced, and understand that you don’t have to do it alone.


Everyone loves small businesses. Your customers want you to succeed! But make sure you are always refocusing and evolving your brand. With the digital world getting bigger by the hour, it is paramount that you keep with the times and don’t fall behind your competition.  

Tyler Rasmussen