Organic Search (SEO) Services

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is the process of increasing traffic to your website by improving your rankings in popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The organic search results are the “free” listings, and the higher you rank, the more traffic you can drive to your website. Search engines use various algorithms and machine learning techniques to determine the relevance and quality of the results they display for any given query. SEO marketing is the art of making your website more “search-engine friendly” while also making it user-friendly so you can convert traffic into sales.

Our SEO marketing services include the following steps:

  • SEO audit & keyword research – At this stage, we thoroughly research your audience, competitors, and keyword profile. We’ll also run a comprehensive audit of your html tags, URL structure, site speed, internal and external links, duplicate content, and much more.
  • Campaign strategy & launch – Once we know more about your audience and your website, we will work closely with your team to craft an SEO campaign strategy and start executing on that strategy immediately.
  • Conversion-focused – Our organic search campaigns are optimized for both users and search engines. This means that, as we work to improve your organic search rankings, we also strive to improve your conversion rates and turn visitors into paying customers.
  • Analytics & reporting – With consistent and transparent reporting practices, we can track and analyze all progress, making sure we’re always on track to achieving your goals.

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1. Audience Research

Before we launch your campaign, we do our research to learn more about your audience and your industry. Audience discovery not only helps us find the search terms people use, but it also helps us understand your target persona. Identifying demographics and characteristics of personas helps us focus on keywords, experiences and websites that will drive conversion.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords will help us optimize your site and track your success. We will work with you to create a comprehensive list of target keywords to incorporate into your organic search campaign.

Competitive Analysis

Part of our research involves analyzing your competitors. One of the best ways to identify opportunities is to review your competitors’ tactics and techniques. We then use this research to craft a strategy to put your brand ahead of the game.

Industry Research

There are sites relevant to you all around the web – large and small. Building relationships with relevant sites like these help build relevancy around your brand. These types of websites not only help increase your rankings when obtaining links but help increase your brand awareness.

Persona Development

Who is your target audience? We will work with you to develop and refine your personas in order to tailor experiences to your target audience. Ultimately, we want to understand the demographics of your audience and to learn what will drive conversion.

2. On-Site Optimization

We have a holistic approach to optimization. We are not only looking to improve your search rankings, but are also looking to improve the overall site experience for your customers. Here are a few things we look at when optimizing your site.

Technical Optimization

Our team has extensive experience in identifying and fixing technical issues that may be holding your website back. We look behind the scenes of your website to improve technical SEO opportunities like meta tags, XML sitemaps, and more.

Content Optimization

As part of your organic search campaign, we will work with you to revise and optimize your on-site content for both user experience and SEO. Everything from your homepage, to title tags and meta descriptions, to landing page copy can be optimized for customer conversion and natural keyword usage.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a strategy to increase how many visitors to your site actually convert into customers. Optimizing your site for conversion can dramatically improve everything from your bounce rate to your ROI. Whether this is through A/B testing on key landing pages, or improving your CTAs, the options are limitless. Learn more about our conversion optimization services.

3. Promoting Your Brand

Digital marketing isn’t just about improving your search rankings, it’s about growing your brand. By focusing on brand awareness, you can earn high-quality links while attracting new customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can include everything from blogging, to social media management, to creative content campaigns. In addition to engaging with your audience, content can help you earn media placements and naturally build high-quality links. Whether you’re looking for help with day-to-day content creation, or are interested in a larger creative campaign, we can partner with you and your teams to ensure your content efforts are a success. Check out our content marketing services to learn more.

Online PR & Outreach

Creating engaging content will only get you so far. In order to maximize your content ROI, your content needs to be shared. Through our outreach process, we can help you get your company’s message in front of industry thought leaders, building high-quality links and expanding your audience. In addition to outreach for your own content, we’ll reach out to websites that are already talking about your brand online to ensure proper credit has been given to your site.

Reputation Management

Need help managing your reputation online? We have several PR professionals on our team that can assist you in maintaining and improving your reputation. We can help you with everything from improving your online reviews, to cleaning up search results, to monitoring online mentions. Maintaining the integrity of your brand is a crucial part of online marketing. Click here to read more about our reputation management services.

Local Search

If your business is specific to a particular geographic area, local search and SEO marketing will be an important factor in your overall strategy. In a local search campaign, we’ll start by setting up and optimizing your company’s listing on sites like Google My Business, Bing Local, Yelp, and other sites specific to your industry. We will also work with you to build positive online reviews, as these ratings are a major component of ranking locally. To learn more about other components of a local search campaign, such as local content, multi-location optimization, and localized rank reporting, check out our local search page.

4. Reporting & Analytics

We regularly review the performance of your campaign, collaborate with your internal teams and optimize our efforts to improve your campaign strategy. We report on all aspects of your campaign, from the work we performed, to new leads & customers. Our reports focus both on day-to-day ranking changes and on larger data and analysis of our top KPIs.

GA Certifications

Big Leap is a Google Partner agency. This means that our team is certified in Google Analytics, including measurement, implementation planning, configuration, and administration. Learn more about what it means to be a Google Partner.

Call Tracking

Using dynamic call tracking, we can report on the number of phone call leads generated by organic search to help measure our shared success. Phone calls can even be recorded, allowing you to evaluate your customer service or give us feedback on lead quality.


Because we see our clients as partners, we are committed to open transparency about the work we do for your campaigns. Our open communication policy allows us to work closely with you in achieving your goals. In addition to our scheduled reports and updates, we promise quick and helpful responses to your calls, texts, chats, and emails.

Organic-Specific Reporting

We optimize to measurable metrics. We can measure any number of things based on your KPIs, including number of impressions, number of clicks, average CPC and CPM, conversion rates, and more.

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