Big Leap Marketing Automation allows you to talk directly to your clients and customers in real-time and with real answers. We help you manage, plan, measure, and coordinate your marketing efforts by reducing manual processes and repetition to turn promising leads into repeat business.
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What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a strategy where you manage, plan, measure, and coordinate all the marketing efforts of your organization—online and offline. It not only helps reduce manual processes and repetitive tasks that suck up all your time, but it also streamlines your marketing efforts to turn promising leads into repeat customers. It tracks what you’re doing right (or wrong), gives you insight into why, and gives you the tools to do something about it. Most of all, marketing automation is the great multiplier—it fuels the success of your entire business.

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Pipeline Marketing

Pipeline marketing is a sophisticated contact segmentation strategy that allows sales and marketing to live under one roof with a common goal of generating revenue. Contact segmentation ensures your contacts are getting the most relevant interactions with your content and sales teams at the right moment they need it. With automated activity alerts, triggered events, and workflows, your sales and marketing teams will know the exact next steps to take to close more business.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the processes, content, and technology that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. For Big Leap to best serve your team, we will start with a sales process review and customer relationship management (CRM) assessment. If needed, we’ll integrate HubSpot CRM or another automation software and get your team set up with a sales content library, lead scoring, and automated assignments. We can provide team training on how to use the software, so they’re ready to sell more efficiently.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is ever becoming harder to do well, yet it is still one of the most effective ways to drive revenue and build your business. Email strategies must be valuable, relevant, expected, integrated, and backed by a culture of data and testing. Based on these principles, we will help you leverage great content to educate and delight your prospects and customers and foster an atmosphere of trust to achieve your goals.

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Automate Your Marketing Beyond Email

Trigger a campaign of email messages based on any criteria you choose – examples include a form submission, a site revisit, a video view, or a particular page visit. Automate responses based on important lead/customer activity and set up alerts for your sales reps as necessary.

of customers say their business experienced an increase in sales revenue within one year*

List Management & Segmentation

Target your leads by segmenting based on their contact information and how they’ve engaged with you for truly personalized marketing. Use these hyper-targeted segments to send emails, personalize website content, and power marketing automation campaigns so you can effectively nurture your leads further down the funnel.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving and subsequently measure which messages are most effective.

Landing Pages

Convert more visitors into qualified leads by capturing inbound visits through your website with landing pages that are optimized for your brand and easy to customize and track.

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