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B2C SEO Case Study with Best Vinyl

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Project Overview

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Project Overview

When you’re a business that supplies premium services, you don’t want to keep it on the down-low—you want everyone to know! And this is what Best Vinyl aimed to do. An expert and licensed installer of vinyl fencing in Utah and Hawaii, they take pride in providing quality products and precision service.

Best Vinyl noticed that they needed to step up their game in the digital landscape, so they reached out to Big Leap in 2016. Through innovative and long-term strategies, our relationship with Best Vinyl evolved into a four-year partnership that has brought significant progress. We helped them gain a solid foothold in the online space by securing answer box results, ranking in the top three positions for over 100 of their keywords, and boosting their organic traffic by over 50%. This ultimately drove more leads, with an increase in over 3,000 estimate requests.

Keep reading to find out how Big Leap laid out the right road map to enhance Best Vinyl’s engagement and leads. Be sure to also contact our SEO experts to discover how we can launch a robust strategy specifically tailored to your business.


Our Strategy

Extensive Keyword & Competitor Research

Best Vinyl was struggling with low traffic and “get a free estimate” requests on their site. Our team understood that crafting valuable content with relevant keywords and topics is what drives traffic and improves website authority on search engines. Seeing that Best Vinyl lacked content on their site, our experts dove right in.

Through extensive keyword research, content audits, answer box audits, and competitive analysis, we discovered opportunities to rank for certain power keywords. Our team noticed that these keywords had featured snippets, but the content/site behind these snippets lacked strong domain authority (DA). So we identified this as an opportunity to craft thorough and quality blog posts around those keywords to gain traction to Best Vinyl’s website.

Strategic Outreach & Execution

Big Leap understands that a great link-building strategy organically fuels your DA. If your competitors are earning backlinks but you aren’t, they’ll be racing right past you. After creating valuable blog posts, our Digital Marketing team conducted outreach to find ideal partners—businesses in similar industries such as home improvement and gardening that ranked well and had quality content on their sites—for guest blog posts and backlinks to the Best Vinyl site. This would help boost the value and authority of their site.

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The engagement resulted in hundreds of keywords where we now rank on the first page of results, generating leads. Big leap establishes a seamless workflow to ensure both teams are on the same page. The team is honest and hard-working.
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The Results

With Big Leap’s guidance and expertise, Best Vinyl was able to produce valuable content that helped bring in significant engagement and leads. After creating quality blog posts, we were able to secure the answer box results for one keyword within three to six months. This ultimately helped boost organic traffic to their site by 58.72% over the next year. In 2018, Best Vinyl also secured valuable answer box real estate for another keyword which drove 1,030 organic traffic sessions.

As of 2020, Best Vinyl is currently ranking for over 2,800 keywords with 114 of them in the top three positions on Google; compare this to 2016 where they were ranking for 642 keywords with 24 keywords in the top three positions. And that’s not all! Higher traffic and online rankings finally helped boost Best Vinyl leads with their estimate requests increasing by 3,965 during 2018 and 2019.

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