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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Traffic
More Keyword Positions
Company Size 1-15 Employees
Industry B2C
Value Provided Increase Keyword Rankings, Organic Traffic, and Traffic to Sponsor Websites

Project Overview

Whether you’re hitting the trails or headed to a race this weekend, The Loam Wolf wants to hear all about it and connect you with a community of wild, outdoor adventurers and storytellers. The Loam Wolf strives to give bikers and athletes a voice to ignite their inner predator and seize the trails ahead. Understanding that it’s the gear and products that ultimately make up your time and experience outdoors, The Loam Wolf shares honest and straightforward reviews with community members.

In 2019, The Loam Wolf approached Big Leap for help in connecting with more bike riders around the world to fuel more product reviews from trustworthy sources. With the focus on establishing the authority of their reviews, they wanted to become more competitive with other large review companies. Our customized campaign helped The Loam Wolf score first-page rankings for keywords and increase their organic traffic by 101%.


Our Strategy

In order to build The Loam Wolf’s online authority, our SEO experts at Big Leap focused on two key strategies: keyword research and metadata and content optimization.

Extensive Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is one of the most critical components of SEO. And it’s not simply about doing it, but how it’s done. Our team of SEO experts began their extensive keyword analysis by examining The Loam Wolf’s reviews to familiarize themselves with their content and look for natural keywords.

We then dug into the interests of The Loam Wolf’s target market: the types of reviews that were being searched for the most by bike users and the products they had the most interest in. We followed that with a competitor analysis where we analyzed The Loam Wolf’s competitor’s review pages to see the types of keywords that they were targeting and ranking highly for. And we didn’t stop there–we also discovered trending keywords that carried a large search volume to help find and connect with their target audience.

Metadata & Content Optimization

Though The Loam Wolf had quality written content, it was not optimized correctly. After a thorough site audit, our SEO experts went in and optimized front and back end of their website to enhance the relevancy and click-through-rate of their review pages. Our team used this same method in their YouTube videos to help increase their ratings in SERP and boost traffic to their website.

Moreover, The Loam Wolf wanted to measure success by the number of visitors going to their sponsor’s website after visiting their review pages. The question was, how do we exactly track this? Our SEO team dove right in by creating call-to-action (CTA) buttons and tracked the clicks on these buttons and how many visitors were going to their sponsor’s website.

Through Big Leap’s efforts, The Loam Wolf has increased 1,370 keyword positions on Google and 710 keyword positions on Bing.


The Results

With Big Leap’s expertise, The Loam Wolf has been able to connect with more outdoor and bike enthusiasts by successfully outranking their competitors and increasing organic traffic to both their site and their sponsor’s site. Through Big Leap’s efforts, The Loam Wolf has increased 1,370 keyword positions on Google and 710 keyword positions on Bing.

We were able to optimize The Loam Wolf’s new and old review pages that have boosted their keyword rankings. For example, once our team optimized their Pivot Switchblade review page, this page increased 15 keyword positions above their competitors and then ranked in the first position.

And that’s not all! Our SEO experts optimized the review page for the Mondraker Crafty R review page and since then, the page increased 63 keyword positions and then moved up another four positions a few days later, putting it straight into the answer box snippet.

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Find Your Competitive Edge Online

You don’t have to be part of a community of outdoor enthusiasts like The Loam Wolf to grow your online visibility. No matter what industry you’re in, you have audiences and consumers who are in a hurry to find the information that they need online. So contact us to see how our experts can tailor a custom and long-term SEO strategy to get your business front and center where and when your customers are looking.