So, how long do you all really think you are going to live? I would take a bet that it won’t be past 85. Let’s face it. You live life, get old as you go, and then you kick the bucket. Right? Well, on the other hand, I would bet that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will live to see many generations to come. In fact, I am willing to bet that PPC will never die. It, along with the potato chip, will never die! And here are the reasons why:

1. Google. They practically own the internet and online marketing industry. They are one of the most well known companies worldwide , and their only source of income is through PPC.  It is that simple. I don’t see them going anywhere soon, thus, the world of PPC will not be going anywhere soon.

2. Immediate Results. Most advertisements take a while to think of, produce, and get a return on investment. However, with PPC, it is a different story. The research, set up and implementation cycle of PPC campaigns can take place in just a few days.

3. Targeted Traffic.  Print and traditional media generally reach a mass audience which makes it difficult to target a specific market. PPC campaigns can utilize geo-targeting, effective keyword research and demographic site selection which allowsthe targeting of much more specific audiences. Thus, pre-qualifying customers to a far greater degree before they ever land on a website.

4. Branding. Those that get their ads in the top placements of Google, Yahoo, and Bing have proven to be a very effective way of branding for a great price that can’t be found in a full service ad agency.

5. Convenience. Anyone can do it. Granted it takes some time and is probably better to outsource to a company with specialized skills, it really can be done on a small scale from anywhere with internet access. I can’t say the same about a 30-second TV spot.

Adam Jackson