A long time ago in a database far, far away…

Turmoil has engulfed the SEO Universe. The quality of links to outlying and incoming websites is in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with black hat SEO tactics, the greedy SEO Federation has started link farming and only creating directories.

While the SEO Account Managers of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor of Operations has secretly dispatched two SEO Jedi Engineers, the guardians of peace and justice in the SEO Universe, to settle the conflict…

The SEO Universe is made up of good, bad and neutral links. It is your job as an SEO Jedi Engineer to learn what constitutes a good link and not cross over to the dark side.

Jedi Link Tactics

From a young age, SEO Jedi Engineers are taught by the Republic’s Account Managers how to do good link building. And about the different types of links…


Seek out these Jedi Link Tactics, young Padawan:

  • Brand mentions
  • Guest blogging
  • Competitive link building
  • Reverse image search
  • Directories
  • Resource lists
  • Broken links
  • Forums
  • Google searches
  • Events/sponsorships/awards/news
  • Phone # lookup
  • Webmaster help
  • Updating content
  • Reciprocal links
  • Partnerships

But some SEO Jedi Engineers began to be corrupted by the Dark Side. They started taking the easy way out and only building directories instead of varying their link portfolio. They also stopped using anchor text and only linking to the homepage…

Bad Link Tactics


Behold, the power of the bad link tactics:

  • No anchor text
  • No target URL
  • Non-varied backlink portfolio
  • Low website domain authority
  • Link farming
  • Linking to spammy websites
  • Linking to non-relevant websites
  • Blog commenting (These are not valuable links)

As the dark side took over, one SEO Jedi Engineer learned the truth and escaped from his home planet Tatooine just in time…


The young Jedi’s name was Luke Skywalker. He began learning the correct ways to be an SEO Jedi Engineer under the direction of a Master Jedi Account Manager named Yoda.

Luke was headstrong though and wanted to learn everything at once. But Yoda was wise and taught him the basics of quality links first…

What makes a good link?


There are three qualities of a good link:

  • Trust
  • Diversity
  • Relevance

“If you can get a link that ticks off all three of these, you’re onto a winner! However, the reality is that this is quite hard to do consistently. But you should always have it in the back of your mind.”
–Paddy Moogan, writing at the Moz Blog

Links that are Trusted

Yoda taught the young Skywalker about what makes a link trusted by the Universal Confederation of MOZ. He told him that this is called domain authority…


The Universal Confederation of MOZ came up with Domain Authority as a way to objectively measure the trust of every single link they find on the web galaxy.

Generally, the more Domain Authority a page has, the more trusted it is by Google, the more likely it is to rank and the more likely it is to help you rank better and defeat the dark Sith Lord if it links to you.

To tap into the power of Domain Authority, use the Mozbar extension.

Yoda told Luke that he needed to distinguish between Domain Authority and Trust Flow. It is important for all young SEO Jedi Engineers to know that Domain Authority has no knowledge of the quality of a website or of the dark side and does not penalize bad sites.

In contrast, Trust Flow is meant to differentiate between a good and bad site. Spammy sites can have Domain Authority, but will always have low Trust Flow…

To feel the Trust Flow flow through you, use the Majestic SEO Extension.

Links that are Diverse

Yoda also taught Luke that it is important to have a diverse link portfolio. Focusing on one type of link will bring you to the dark side and you won’t rank as high.

He told him that there are 2 types of link portfolio diversity. Both are important if you want to build a strong, good link portfolio to defeat the Sith Lord…

  1. Linking Domains: Do achieve diversity in linking domains, get links across a wide range of domains. Don’t get all or most of your links from the same one.
  1. Link Type: Not all links are created equal. Diversify your link types by drawing them from not only web directories and press release syndicators, but many different websites of all types.

Links that are Relevant

The young Jedi was also taught about the importance of getting relevant links. Yoda taught Luke that the way Google can quickly determine if a link is relevant is by something called “Anchor Text”…

What is Anchor Text?

  • “Anchor text is the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.” – Google

Note: You should always be using anchor text when submitting a guest blog post or doing most types of competitive link building.

Use your client’s list of keywords, brand and url as anchor text. The website and or content you submit your link to should be relevant to the keyword you choose.

Anchor Text Must You Do

Use your client’s list of keywords, brand and url as the anchor text. The website and or content you submit your link to should be relevant to the keyword you choose.

Of course, it’s unlikely that a blogger or webmaster will include the exact keyword phrases you want as the anchor text for a link back to your website. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – a variety of anchor text helps diversify your link portfolio. It’s when all your anchor text is exact keyword matches that will put you on Google’s radar for a having spammy links.

You can also have good anchor text by using variations of keywords. Still use text that is very close to the keywords, but not always exactly the same.

Deep Linking Must You Do

Yoda also taught the young Jedi about a more advanced Jedi link building tactic called Deep Linking…


What is Deep Linking?

  • Deep linking is when you link your anchor text to the most relevant page on your client’s website for that keyword.
  • If you’re using a client’s keyword you would link that keyword back to its target URL.

Warning: Never link back to the homepage unless that is your target url or you’re using their brand name or url as the anchor text. Otherwise, your link building portfolio will be corrupted by the dark side.

Note: You can find the target URL’s for each of your clients keywords in your client’s task sheet under the tab KW Grouping.

No Follow Links Must You NOT Do

Yoda warned Luke that a long time ago, one of his relatives could have followed Darth Vader, but chose not to follow him. While she never fully turned to the dark side, she also wasn’t fighting against it.

Yoda told the young impressionable Jedi to stay away from no-follow links. They are neither bad or good, but provide no value to the Republic…


Nofollow Links vs. Followed

Nofollow links started in 2005, and started as a way for websites to let search engines know that they didn’t trust a website a link was coming from. Essentially, Google doesn’t give a nofollow link any credence, and it won’t affect organic search results.

A nofollow link can be useful when cultivating your link portfolio, but when you are link-building you need to make sure that you are getting a followed link. Otherwise, your efforts will be for naught (unless the link is intended to generate lots of direct traffic).

How to detect no follow links.

Yoda taught Luke how to check for nofollow links. He told him to use the Jedi INSPECT ELEMENT TOOL. He told the young Jedi that it was important when placing a link to check the website to see if other links on the website are nofollow.

This is particularly important when if you are going to submit a guest blog post. Yoda told Luke to check a previous post to see if outbound links are nofollow or not. If the website usually does nofollow links, it probably isn’t a good website to get a link on…

How to Check a Website for Nofollow Links

  1. Go to page you want to check
  2. Right click on mouse
  3. Scroll down to Inspect Element
  4. Press CTRL + F
  5. Type in nofollow and click find
  6. Look for the highlighted nofollows
  7. You can also do this by clicking CTRL + U

Yoda continued to train Luke all the link building skills he knew. The now fully trained Jedi was ready to battle his greatest adversary. Darth Vader. The leader of the Black Hat SEO rebellion.

But with his master training from Yoda, he was able to overcome the DARK SIDE…