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Resource pages are pages on a website where the webmaster makes a list of useful links that are relevant to their site. These resource and useful link pages are often a great opportunity for obtaining links. This is because the sole purpose of these pages is to provide visitors with links to relevant sites.

There are quite a few people that have decided that these kinds of links hold no value. I disagree and the SEO consulting company disagrees as well. That being said, they don’t hold the same amount of weight that some other link building tactics do, but they still make a difference to search engines.

Their SEO value changes depending on PageRank and relevancy to your link. The higher the PageRank and relevancy, the higher the value is that is assigned to one of your links on that page. While it’s not going to have the power to raise your ranking overnight, it provides a solid foundation of links to build off of.

To find these resource pages you perform a Google search using strings like the following:

(The words in blue are the ones you should change to match your topics/keywords)

intitle:YourNiche blog inurl:”links”

intitle:YourNiche blog inurl: “resources”Links

YourKeywords inurl:links

YourKeywords inurl:resources

“useful links”  YourKeywords

“helpful links” YourKeywords

YourKeywords intitle:“other resources”

YourNiche” + inurl:links

YourNiche” + “helpful resources” + “resources”

YourNiche resources”

After you have found a resource page you want to get your link on, you simply find the “contact us” information and send a link request. To learn more about link requests and how to write them, check out a Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Link Building Part 2.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director