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Link Building can be defined as a connection that is found within one website connecting it with another. Now if you think about that, you can definitely compare it to a bridge. A bridge can be described as an object connecting one side of a large, open area to another. Now, time to state the obvious, if those links aren’t seen, then they are ineffective.

Being Visible

As an example, in “The Parable of the Bridge”, there was a man who built a bridge, all fine and dandy, right? The only bad thing is that it was practically invisible to those who would attempt to cross. This story actually doesn’t specifically focus on the structure itself…but it still applies, right?

It’s practically impossible for your site to receive visits if nobody knows that it exists.

A good strategy for improving your site’s “existence level” is to link it to sites that actually have something to do with what your site is all about. Personally, I’ve had the experience of going to one website, finding it to be useless, but in that site, finding links that lead to another, better site that still has to do with what I’m looking for. Also kind of a no-brainer. For example, if you’re all about…say…Internet Marketing, and you build links on a site that’s all about cooking, chances are that that’s not going to be the biggest help.

Interesting and Easy to Use

A great way to improve your site’s ranking is to have content that will attract the attention of people, attract it in such a way that they will want to share your site with other people. A great way to get people to hate your site, and to not share it with people is to make it hard to use and have a lot of confusing controls within the site. I don’t know about you, but if I find a site like that, I try to avoid it and tell others that it isn’t that good. Therefore, you should make it so your site is very user friendly and very easy to use.

In conclusion, all of these suggestions make it so your site is more visible, and so that your links, or “bridges” are visible so that people know that you exist.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director