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Sites need links to be found. Some links come with little effort, but are of limited value for your site. Some links come at great cost, but do a lot of good.Link Building for Small Businesses

Ideally, you want to build valuable links for your site that cost you little. Is this possible?

Absolutely. All you need is something worth sharing. Link building, when you’re doing search engine optimization for your small business, is a lot like exchanging gifts.

Anthropologically speaking, gifts bear great significance and carry with them a need for reciprocity—you really can’t get something for nothing.

The something that you give is up to you. Like gift giving, link making can come at great effort, time, and use of your resources; or your site can do it for you while you take care of the other important elements of running a business.

The easy way to link build is much like living off the interest of an investment. If you create a good and valuable site to begin with, others’ desire to use your site as a resource will build links to your benefit.

How is this done? You simply fill a need: create content or media that people want to see, use, and share. Make a game, infographic, video, image, or design that people will want to copy or share using social media.

If you have an existing site, you’ll need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Why would someone link to you?
  • What do you have to offer?

What unique content or element on your site would make someone want to go there or send their friends your site’s link?

You have to be an asset to someone before they will link to you. Knowing what your assets are helps you share them with others. What is your Unique Selling Point?

Find a need within your industry that your competitor’s sites are not filling, and fill it! After you’ve posted your content, consider the following questions while you wait for results:

  • Are you giving something that deserves a link from a notable site?
  • Is the stuff on your site worth borrowing or showing others?

Remember that link building results take time, and if your content is worth sharing, it will start slowly. However, the more it is shared, the more it will be shared. It’s a lot like re-gifting, but it’s much more socially acceptible when you do it with links.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director