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A Thing of The Past

When I hear the phrase “link building”, my mind starts to think “business directories” and “blog commenting”. Awful, isn’t it? Perhaps you’ve felt stuck in that rut before, where link building might even seem like a thing from the past. With the changing trends in this coming year, businesses have had to adapt the way they build those online relationships. Thus, link building has been getting revamped. Here are a couple of new ways you can start link building your business today:

Fix Outdated Content

Remember that one time we thought Pluto was a planet? Exactly. As time passes, information is constantly being updated, especially in the online world. That’s where you come in. Even if you’re not an expert, Google can give you the latest information on pretty much anything. Let’s say you find a website related to your business and they have content from 2003 about something that’s no longer relevant:

  1. If you don’t already have updated content on that subject, create some.
  2. Contact the site owner and ask him if he would like to link the outdated content to your page.

This is the essence of what link building should be about: building relationships with other websites. Who knows, maybe the site owner will come to you for assistance on more outdated content.

Competitive Link Building

This is actually really fun to do if you do it right. Think of yourself as an SEO spy. Keep your enemies closer, right? Your weapon of choice: Open Site Explorer.

  1. Get the 101 on how Open Site Explorer works and get an account.
  2. On the search bar, type the website of a competitor.
    1. Looking for competitors? Google Search:
      [industry] [location]
  3. Download a CSV Report for your competitor’s site:
    1. Click on the Advanced Reports Tab
    2. Select: Only Link Equity, External Linking Page, Any Page On This Root Domain
    3. Click to download CSV Report
    4. After you’ve downloaded the report, you will see a list of links of where your competitor has linked to.
    5. Go down the list and click away!

i.      Note: not all of the sites will be top quality, sometimes you can just tell by looking at the name of the site.

  1. Eat some ice cream, you’ve worked so hard!

If you haven’t tried these two tactics, give them a shot today. Remember that it’s all about working smart, not just hard. What are some fun tactics that have worked for you?