Last week I started to talk about the importance of deep linking and gave a few tips in my blog post Deep Linking Tips Part 1.
Today I’ll be getting more into deep link strategy.  When you should use them and when not to.

Deep Link Ratio

Your site’s deep link ratio is the % of total number of links pointing toward a page on your site that are not the home page.  This includes links from outside addresses and not links within your own site.
Knowing your deep link ratio is necessary to determine how many actual deep links you have and from there you can decide how to proceed.  A good goal should be to run

Deep Linking

It’s another link Metaphor

from about 30 to 60 %.

When you shouldn’t deep link

Deep linking is very important for a successful SEO campaign.  But like any other strategy, there are times to use it and times to hold back.  When shouldn’t you do it?  Most cases are when you need a higher level page to be seen before a lower level page.  When studying up on Deep Links, a great example of a higher page needing to be seen first was Which Test Won?.  The site runs tests and has you guess the results.  Linking straight to the results would just spoil it for you and probably just make you confused.

But, in most cases, always linking to your home page is not the best strategy.  Make sure to continue deep linking and try to keep your home page to deep link ratio to about 1 to 3.  Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below

photo credit: Ravages