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Deep linking is a thing you most likely already know about if you have any SEO knowledge. Building links for internal pages to more internal pages.  Getting even more sites to

A metaphor for links.  Get it?

A metaphor for links. Get it?

link to those pages and so on it goes.

I want to share a few insights that just might help you improve your deep linking.  Things you can do to boost effectiveness and even times when it is probably a good idea to actually avoid deep linking. But I’ll address that in Part 2

Guest Blogging

Having a blog you wrote used as a guest post on someone else’s blog is a great way to have links back to your website.  Usually the proper etiquette is to keep the number of links low.  One or two is probably best.

While posting a link directly to your site’s home page can be helpful, I would recommend linking to a sub page.  This not only helps with deep linking, but like I talked about last week, using good link placement can make your content seem less spammy and more natural.

Blog Commenting

The same concept applies here.  Inserting your URL when commenting on a blog post will build links.  Again I would recommend using a sub-page’s URL.  As a bonus you can be much more relevant to the blog you are commenting on.

Deep linking and having good, real sounding content are both very important to a good SEO campaign.  Luckily, they work very well together.  Keep that in mind and you should have no problem.  Check in next week for part 2

Photo Credit: Lars Hammar

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director