Are you an advertising agency that is looking to expand your online marketing service offerings to help better meet the needs of your clients?  Hiring a white-labeled partnering agency may be beneficial for your business so that you can provide additional services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Content Marketing, or Social Media Management.

What Is A White Labeled Partnership

A white label digital marketing partnership is a marketing practice in which one advertising agency can partner with another to provide their clients additional areas of service utilizing their own branding.  Essentially, the white labeled partner brands themselves under the banner of the referring partner’s organization in alignment with their current business philosophy and goals.

The Value in Partners

When two organizations collaborate through white label relationships, this can provide great value to both businesses.  Whether it’s tapping into a new revenue source by providing additional product offerings or by adding in additional expertise and experience, utilizing a white labeled partner for your digital marketing needs can provide many benefits.  Here are a few advantages:

  • Increased Profitability – Offering your clients SEO, PPC, or Social Media Management can increase your profits through the shared management fees that you determine with your partnering agency. Added products create additional revenue sources and through your partnership you may be able to handle a higher capacity of clients.
  • Brand Loyalty – A white-labeled relationship can help significantly with brand loyalty because your clients will look to you as the leading marketing industry expert who can provide services to fit all their needs.
  • Digital Marketing Industry Expertise – Bringing on a partner that is experienced in digital marketing can help to maintain favorable perceptions of your agency as an industry expert. The increased knowledge of a partnering agency helps to make sure you are staying up to date with the latest digital marketing trends.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Solutions – The right white label partner will be able to create comprehensive online marketing solutions that will complement your existing marketing strategy and will work in alignment with your client’s current goals. By working in conjunction with your partner, you can provide tracking and reporting on industry-specific KPI’s such as site traffic, channels, bounce rate, ROI, and more to provide a complete and inclusive marketing solution.
  • Meaningful Client Rapport – Partnerships provide the opportunity to develop meaningful rapport with your clients through satisfying their business needs with the offerings that your agency is now able to provide.

Selecting A Digital Marketing Partner

Even though partnerships can provide an exponential amount of value and profitability to your organization, they can also present a new set of challenges which is why it is important to learn more about your prospected partner.

Selecting a Digital Marketing Partner

When selecting your digital marketing white label relationship, be sure to look for the following characteristics to help ensure that the partnership will be mutually beneficial for many years to come.

  • Experience – The right white labeled partner will have a strong track record of providing effective services to previous partners while maintaining sensitivity to their partner’s overall goals. Having an appropriate amount of experience and prior successful relationships is indicative of how your potential partnership may be.
  • Trust – Trust is essential in building and maintaining your relationship and is crucial for any successful business. Your clients rely on you for their digital marketing needs, so you must be able to depend on your partner to ensure that your clients are in good hands.
  • Communication – Communication may be one of the most important characteristics of an ideal digital marketing partner and is so important for building long-term trust. Consistent and frequent communication with your partner ensures that you can respond to your clients in a timely manner.
  • Transparency – Selecting a partnering agency that is fully transparent with you helps to ensure that they are providing services that meet or exceed your business goals. This also helps to fully build trust and aids in creating a long-term relationship with your clients.
  • Evolution – The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving and as such it is important for your partnering agency to be constantly educating themselves on the latest industry topics and trends. Evolution is key for sustaining clients through any digital marketing trends or search engine algorithmic updates.

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