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Project Overview

Increase in New Users
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Keyword Performance
Industry Home energy solutions, construction
Value Provided Boosts in organic traffic and keyword rankings
Project Overview

When your business becomes highly relevant in the face of a public mandate, there’s no excuse not to drive your company front and center. A key area to gain prime real estate is…you guessed it—the online landscape. 

Ambitious? Sure. Impossible? No. Leading solar power company, Current Home is proof. 

Current Home approached Big Leap in September 2020 to gain more online visibility. The business wanted to capitalize on California’s Solar Mandate to gain more organic traffic and leads on its site. Our client not only wanted to educate their target market on the mandate but also become a trusted guide to homeowners navigating the transition to solar.

By focusing on SEO, content quality, and link-building strategies, Current Home achieved a 546.98% increase in organic traffic. Keep reading for all the details and ideas on how to start boosting your online authority today.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To establish Current Home as the industry leader in solar power, we decided to create a high-quality article that addressed: 

  • Pertinent details regarding the California solar mandate
  • FAQs Current Home’s target market was searching for regarding the mandate and solar panel installation

To ensure our content would align with the pain points and goals of our client’s audience, we focused on three things: keyword research, content strategy and writing, and link-building. 

Keyword Research

We began with “California Solar Mandate” as our target keyword. Our SEO team dove in further by researching additional keywords that could be incorporated into the piece. This involved auditing search results under the key terms to: 

  • Assess questions users were asking in relation to those key phrases
  • Evaluate the quality level of the information showing up under those key terms
  • Plan how we could provide more valuable content than Current Home’s competitors

Ultimately, our goal was to establish the right SEO and content foundation to help Current Home: 

  • Create high-quality content 
  • Earn trust and credibility from its target audience 

Long-Form Content

Our content strategy and writing team then worked on building out a long-form blog article rich with: 

  • SEO copywriting practices 
  • Key terms that were relevant to Current Home’s industry and topic 
  • Key questions Current Home’s target market were most interested in learning about
  • Reader-friendly techniques, keeping the content structure in mind to encourage site visitors to consume the article
  • Industry statistics that would help shed light on specific topics and bolster Current Home’s credibility


To further bolster our client’s credibility and SEO value, we sought to gain authoritative backlinks. Backlinks play a crucial role in SEO—they’re essentially votes of confidence Google considers as part of its ranking factors. 

Our SEO team reached out to sites within the home blogging and real estate industries to promote the blog article. This would help Current Home build online real estate and boost its search engine rankings.

I was really excited to see the wins we are having with this piece. To date, it has had 4,981 page views. Comparing the last 3 months to the previous 3 months, the piece has seen a 268% increase in page views.
David Jones
VP Marketing – Current Home


The Results

With high-quality content and backlinks from authoritative sources, Current Home was able to win:

  • 268% increase in pageviews
  • 546.98% increase in organic traffic 
  • 556.82% increase in new users
  • 393.54% increase in organic traffic sessions
Screenshot of Google Analytics showing Increases in users and sessions

As well as gaining 1,255 ranking keywords, 90 of which are in the top three results, 3,282 local keyword position improvements, and a 421.5% increase in keyword performance.

Screenshot of Organic Keywords Trend from May 2021-March 2023

Due to these successful results, Current Home has been expanding their content marketing campaign with us by incorporating a lead-qualifier piece—an onsite quiz to provide further opportunities to: 

  • Engage with their target market
  • Offer educational value in users’ solar-power journey
  • Enhance link-acquisition efforts
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