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Automotive SEO Case Study with Auto Care

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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Goal Conversions
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Industry Automotive Care
Value Provided Crafted a successful SEO strategy to increase traffic and conversions
Project Overview

Auto Care is an automotive care company based out of Santa Clarita, California. They manufacture premium car detailing products and specialize in creating cutting-edge solutions with high-quality green, biodegradable, natural ingredients.

Their love and passion for their products attracted many customers and helped establish a solid reputation. Auto Care was running successful Amazon campaigns and growing steadily when they signed on with us in March of 2022. Still, they were struggling with organic traffic and establishing an online presence in their industry.

They came to us intending to grow traffic, rankings, and sales for their website. 

As Auto Care ventured into the world of SEO, we were excited to show them what we were capable of. This led us to increase keyword rankings, improve and maintain a healthy site, optimize a robust content strategy, and grow quickly. 

Let’s dive into the strategy that led us to success.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our team had three primary areas of focus: SEO, content optimization, and YouTube optimization. The SEO strategy was further divided into a site health audit, an internal linking strategy, and SEO maintenance.

Site Health

Before we got our hands dirty, we had to lay the groundwork for a successful SEO strategy. As we explained to Auto Care, that starts with an in-depth site audit.

Since our goal was to run a seamless campaign, we had to ensure that nothing would be in our way. Assessing the health of Auto Care’s site allowed us to see some fixes we could make that would pave the way forward. Some of those fixes and improvements included:

  • Optimizing metadata and heading tags
  • Fixing broken pages and links
  • Recommending a new theme
  • Optimizing images
  • Speeding up pages

Internal Linking

Now we were in the home stretch. After filling in the cracks in the foundation, we got to work on our internal linking strategy. Our team found many opportunities to increase the number of internal links on both blog content and product pages. We talked with our client about how a strong and accurate web of internal links could guide their visitors (and Google) to their most important pages.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance

There’s nothing sneakier than a Google Algorithm update. That’s why we assured Auto Care that we’d be conducting regular SEO site maintenance to stay on top of any issues and ensure the site wasn’t negatively impacted by a surprise update.

Content Optimization

Auto Care was severely lacking blog content. This opened up a wealth of possibilities for content creation. We talked and strategized with our client, telling them that blog content is a fantastic way of reaching out to their target audience.

Our process began with ideation between our team and Auto Care. By gaining a deeper understanding of their offerings, we were able to learn more about what their audience was searching for. From there, we built up a list of valuable keywords and created a content calendar. This made our workflow incredibly smooth, seamless, and transparent.

Auto Care used their internal writer to handle their technical, industry-specific pieces and we helped with the ideation and optimization of those pieces. 

YouTube Optimization

Auto Care had a unique content offering on YouTube, but their channel wasn’t very easy to find. YouTube is a search engine, like Google, which means we had room to optimize their platform. 

Due to the nature of our clients’ video content, we could take advantage of their video tutorials as a great pathway and value offering for their customers.

To take Auto Care to the next level, we wanted to optimize their existing videos to better target keywords, improve CTR through suggested videos and improved descriptions, and link to products within YouTube.

We have been very excited to see all of the growth in the places that we had discussed for this client, especially with all of the work we had put in. We still have room for growth to catch up to that very successful Amazon campaign that they have been running but we are clearly helping to grow traffic to the site, rankings for important keywords, and helped organic traffic to become the number one conversion path touchpoint.

We just met with Auto Care in September and they were also very happy with the fantastic results thus far in the campaign as well.

Micheal Alamo
Client Success Executive


The Results

From the first of July to the end of August, we’ve seen steady and exciting growth. We increased the average time spent on Auto Care’s website by 36% (compared to the previous period).

Though we encountered a slight hiccup in May and saw a drop in rankings, we made up for it and then some after changing the theme of the site. We also gained new keywords as a result.

In the chart above, you can see the number of new keywords and positions we increased across the entire domain. Over the 16-18 months before working with us, Auto Care saw very minimal keyword growth. 

Since we began our campaign, we have seen larger leaps in ranking for keywords. Though we didn’t focus on targeting every single keyword, keeping the site healthy and focused helped the domain as a whole. 

Ultimately, this is why we were so confident in our initial strategy of maintaining a healthy site, adding new metadata, creating blog content, and crafting a strong web of links. Each component has been critical to the growth we’re seeing on our clients' website. 

Content Optimizations

On the blog, we are up:

  • 136% in pageviews
  • 123% in unique pageviews
  • 51% in entrances

And we’re down 17% in bounce rates.

Organic Traffic August-September 2022

The chart above shows our organic traffic in the last 50 days compared to the previous period. We are thrilled to be seeing excellent progress in our efforts to increase organic traffic all the way around. Most of these increases are coming from the blog content, which we’ve worked to create or optimize. 

We are happy that our efforts on the blog have directly contributed to the growth of the organic traffic side. As we continue to create new content based on our strong keyword research and strategy, further optimize product pages, and build additional backlinks, we expect to continue seeing growth in organic traffic.

This graph shows that revenue is up 22%
The Results

In the last 50 days, Auto Cares’ revenue is up 22% and their average order value (AOV) is up 25%. Our next initiatives will include increasing site speed to improve conversion rates and transactions. We look forward to this implementation and to measuring how increased site speed continues to improve Auto Cares’ metrics.

We all like to see an increase in conversion rates, right? Well, Auto Care certainly has since they began their campaign with us. We’ve seen an increase of 24% in conversions from organic traffic and an exciting increase of 34% in the value of the conversion. 

Due to expanding our keyword pool, crafting relevant content for users, and implementing recommendations from our site audit, we’ve seen nearly 25% more conversions than we would have before. As of now, organic traffic is our number one touchpoint and is responsible for 5 out of 10 conversion paths.

YouTube Optimizations

On the YouTube side of things, we’re up 57% in total video views.

YouTube Results 194,792 views in 2022 compared to 123,881 views in 2021

Watch time is one of the most critical ranking factors for YouTube and is notoriously difficult to improve. We’ve managed to improve Auto Cares’ average watch time by 89%.

YouTube results comparison. 10,506.1 hours viewed in 2022 vs. 5,546.4 hours in 2021.

We've increased the total duration of Auto Cares' videos by 30%.

YouTube Results Comparison. The Average view duration in 2022 is 3:14 and it was 2:41 in 2021.

We've seen an increase of about 24% in impressions on the YouTube channel.

Lastly, we've increased Auto Cares' subscriber count by 13%.

This graph shows steady organic traffic increases from December 2021 through May 2022.
Increase Your Organic Traffic & Conversion Rates With Big Leap

When you put the right systems in place, conduct in-depth site audits, and have clear goals, you can create thrilling results. The Big Leap team is delighted by the results of our efforts to improve Auto Cares' organic traffic, and we’re ecstatic about the opportunity to continue growing with them. 

SEO and organic traffic are powerful drivers that can increase conversions and build an online reputation. Want to create this level of organic success for your business? Contact Big Leap today and find out how we can work together.

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