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B2B SaaS SEO Case Study with Pluralsight

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Project Overview

36 Million
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increases in Keyword Positions
Company Size 1,000+ Employees
Business Type Software
Project Goals Increase Engagement via Keyword Analysis, Content Optimization & SEO

Project Overview

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. New content and trends are constantly on the horizon, and content that was once fresh can quickly become stale and outdated. Pluralsight is one of the leading companies in technical education. Though part of their outstanding success comes from educating audiences with the latest and greatest resources, Pluralsight needed to give an extra boost to their website to give it that cutting edge. That’s when they reached out to Big Leap in 2014.

Through innovative and long-term content marketing strategies, our partnership with Pluralsight flourished into a five-year partnership that has brought notable progress. We took full ownership of massive opportunities that brought them 36 million impressions in just six months.

Keep reading to find out how Big Leap used keyword research and a customized marketing strategy to boost Pluralsight’s engagement. Contact our experts to learn more about how we could do the same for your organization.


Our Strategy

Our team focused to build a wider keyword portfolio, optimize existing content, and improve answer box results to achieve a greater organic reach.

A Broadened Keyword Portfolio for Wider Reach

An effective SEO strategy requires a broad portfolio of keywords. It’s like a shotgun approach to marketing: select a wide range of keywords you’d like to rank for, and target as many of them as possible.

Even though Pluralsight was already targeting over 500,000 keywords, there’s always room for improvement. Their website is full of different tutorials and courses that cover a huge range of topics, so keyword growth was ripe with potential. Through our keyword research, we determined thousands of keywords we could target across the pages we sought to update.

Created New Content to Maximize Organic Traffic

If your webpage attempts to answer someone’s question with outdated information, that customer will lose trust in your brand.

Pluralsight ran into this issue; infrequent maintenance and activity on their blog and certain pages created a leak in their total reach. Big Leap used the information gained from our keyword research to identify game plans to spruce up their content. While doing so, we were sure to pull data from various SEO tools, including Google Search Console, to verify our SEO strategy would succeed.

Optimized Content for Answer Box Positions

Targeting answer box results is essential in enhancing your online visibility. You want to be the resource people will see, and more importantly, you want to be the resource that accurately answers their question.

Our SEO experts targeted specific phrases and questions to optimize Pluralsight’s chances of appearing in an answer box. We then reformatted Pluralsight’s existing content to make sure the question would be answered, ensuring that Pluralsight remained a trusted source of information.

Through innovative and long-term content marketing strategies, our work with Pluralsight flourished into a five-year partnership that has brought notable progress. We took full ownership of massive opportunities that brought them 36 million impressions in just six months.


The Results

Pluralsight targeted 576,784 keywords at the start of this campaign, and 35,493 of those drove their content to the first page of Google. Through our content optimization efforts, we added 48,333 keywords to their portfolio and brought their first-page keywords up to 40,259.

Additionally, keywords increased by 400 positions on Google and 1,988 on Bing:

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Our keyword-focused approach nearly doubled Pluralsight’s organic reach. Organic traffic for their Linux File Permissions web page increased by 98.6% overall, with unique pageviews increasing by 95.2%.

For the same page, we achieved 437,000 total clicks and 3.31 million total impressions between September 2019 and March 2020.

Our strategy to target answer boxes worked wonders. Pluralsight appeared as the answer box snippet for multiple listings, including the previously mentioned webpage.

Pluralsight traffic
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