We have all read the same cliché web copy. It is generic, unimaginative, and not personalized to fit the target market.

What happens when suddenly the words stand out and what is written on the page is the solution to the customers’ problems, needs, or situation- while saying it all so perfectly? This is the goal of every copywriter.

People are motivated to get products and services for various reasons. To write emotional web copy ask, why people would need or want a particular product or service or show them why they need it. If you can uncover these reasons you will reach your customers on a higher level.

Many emotions are motivating including greed, fear, flattery, guilt, exclusivity, anger, redemption, along with many others. People can be motivated by just one or by all of these different emotions at one time.

As you write, make sure that you are writing for your audience, as you do this your writing will have greater appeal.

Also, make sure that you have relevant web content. Relevant and interesting emotional content plays a big role in all aspects of Internet marketing. Including SEO, reputation management, PPC, social media, and of course web design.


Adam Jackson